Friday, May 5, 2023

Book Review: The Confidence of Wildflowers

Title - The Confidence of Wildflowers 
Author - Micalea Smeltzer  
Series - Wildflower Duet #1 
Genre - Contemporary Romance, Age gap, Grumpy/sunshine  
Format -  Paperback 
Published - March 23rd 2023
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My future is a big ‘what if’ at the moment and I’m fine with that.

For the most part.

When Thayer Holmes moves in next door, the grumpy landscaper both fascinates and amuses me.

When he asks me to nanny his kid, it’s a great way to make some extra money.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Thayer and his adorable son.

There’s a big problem though.

I’m eighteen. He’s thirty-one.

Falling for someone almost fifteen years older than me wasn’t part of my plans, but sometimes things happen when you least expect them.

 I received The Confidence of Wildflowers in return for an honest review from the publisher. 

School has ended Salem's boyfriend Caleb is headed off to college in the fall while she stays behind to find herself. The new neighbor has her curiosity peaked his grumpy behavior something she needs needs to discover. An unlikely friendship develops between the two as she breaks down his walls and he mends some of her own. Salem decides it's time to end things with Caleb and see how things go with Thayer but her age keeps their relationship a secret as the pair grow together. 

I love Salem so much even though she's only 18 she's stronger and wiser beyond her years. Thayer has his own charm once she get's past the grumpy landscaper that we met in his backyard. I honestly love Thayer for Salem he complements her so well as does she him. I love all the sweet moments between them as they do simple things like sunglasses and cupcakes. 

I was so excited to dive right into this beautiful duet as I haven't read a contemporary romance in ages that captures my heart fully. This one is definitely an emotional roller coaster it gives you all the feelings. The author has done a brilliant job creating complex character you just can't help falling in love with. The story is beautifully written it was hard to put down because I wanted their happy ever after. 

I highly recommend reading these back to back. You'll need to see how it all plays out in The Resurrection of Wildflowers. I honestly loved it even when it made me cry, the story is just so amazing. I think this duet is my favorite of 2023 and I can't stop telling people to read them. I just loved them so much. 

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