Saturday, May 13, 2023

Book Review: Craving Madness

 Title - Craving Madness 
Author - R.K. Pierce 
Series - Reclaiming Wonderland #1
Genre - Retelling, Dark, Spice, Why Choose 
Format -  Arc Review Copy 
Published - April 30th 2023
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It'll take luck, strength, and madness to rid this wondrous land of its current nightmare.

I'd written off my trip down the rabbit hole as a fever dream until the Hatter sends me a plee for help. Wonderland is in trouble, and everyone's counting on me to save them.

Only this isn’t the Wonderland I remember.

Wicked magic and danger lurk around every corner, and I no longer recognize the animals I once knew. They're now sexy shifter men bent on avenging their home and reclaiming the land, but it's clear they want to claim me too.

And I'm eager to let them.

I received Craving Madness in return for an honest review from the author. 

It's been ten years since Alice last travelled the portal to Wonderland. Now he appears in her dreams asking for her to save Wonderland from the darkness sweeping across the land. Throwing a kit together Alice sets out to find a way back to Wonderland this time she ventures throw a mirror that tosses her down a very familiar hole. Upon arriving in Wonderland she encounters the creatures of the darkness as well as friends who have changed in 10 years. With their help will she be able to defeat the darkness or will it be to late. 

I love Alice she's a sweetheart willing to torture herself for her sisters happiness, willing to risk her life to save Wonderland and just overall an amazing character. I like the idea that the people have changed since her last visit and Ches isn't the furry feline he was the last time she was there. The Cheshire cat was always one of my favorite characters so seeing him in human form was very unique. 

First off isn't the cover stunning it's what captured my attention right from the start. I'm a little obsessed with Alice retelling so this one was a must read. This is my first novel by the author and I've been curious to check her out for a while. I'm so glad that I had this chance because I'm hooked. The author has done a beautiful job creating a captivating story with characters you can't help loving. The author has woven an intricate story that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I finished the whole book in one session unable to put it down till the last page. I can't wait to read the next installment and see what happens next. Highly recommend if you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland. In the meantime while we wait I'm going to check out her other books. 

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