Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Book Review: Stitched To Get Hitched

 Title - Stitched To get Hitched 
Author - 
Nessie Sreil & M.J. Marstens
Series - Happily Monster After 
Genre - Monster Romance,
Format -  Arc Kindle review copy
Published - May 31st 2023
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Veil, check.
Something blue, check.
Something old and something new, check, check.

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to walk down that aisle—until I snag my wedding dress and rip it.

Luckily, a knight with shining needle is there to rescue me, but when my big day goes south, will this gentle giant be able to sew back the pieces of my broken heart?

Or am I doomed to forever be a bride without her groom?


I received Stitched To Get Hitched in return for an honest review from the authors. 

First off can we all agree this cover is just adorable!!! 

When her wedding day goes horribly wrong Lisette find's herself without her memories and her fiancĂ© is Viktor a big green stitched together man. At the encouragement of his father Viktor takes her home under the guise that's he her fiancĂ©. What will happen when her memories start coming back? 

I love Lisette she's a sweetheart who easily accepts the fact that she's engaged to Viktor who happens to be the one and only Frankenstein. Viktor really comes out of his shell the more time he spends with Lisette. I loved how he was so sweet even if he has a dirty mind. The connection these two have was just sizzling. The characters are feel real easy to connect with you just can't help loving them both. 

I devoured this one in just a few short hours it's an adorable steamy monster romance that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I really enjoy the new spin on the Frankenstein concept it's interesting to see one of my favorite classic monsters in a modern world. I love that it's a steamy monster romance because they are my current addiction. I'm really excited to continue this series as the first one was just so lovely. Highly recommend if you love monster romance that you give this one a shot. My only complaint is that the story wasn't long enough I could deal with a few hundred more pages of Lisette and Viktor's love story. 

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