Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Book Review: Game Changer

 Title - Game Changer 
Author - Piper Lawson 
Series - King of the Court 
Genre - Gumpy/Sunshine, Romance,Sports 
Format -  Arc Review Copy 
Published - April 11th 2023
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A steamy, grumpy sunshine sports romance featuring a woman down on her luck, a star basketball player with a filthy mouth, and a connection neither of them can deny.

After being dumped and losing my job the same week, the last thing my broken heart needs is a rebound.

I’m escaping across the country to help my perfect sister plan her dream wedding, and to prove to both of us everything is under control.

But a combination of tequila and turbulence on the flight there lead to word-vomiting all my troubles to the huge and handsome stranger in the first-class seat next to mine.

Only his whispered dirty diversions keep me sane until landing.

Despite the spark of attraction, we go our separate ways.

Or so I thought.

Turns out the tall, muscular, tattooed tower of a man from the plane is the star player on my future brother-in-law’s pro basketball team.

Clay is the last person I should gravitate toward. They’re called “players” for a reason.

Grumpy and cynical, he carries a weight on his shoulders I can’t possibly fathom.

He’s also the only one who knows my secrets and gets my heart racing.

The more we’re thrust together, the stronger the chemistry between us becomes.

Hooking up with the all-star athlete isn’t the way to get my life on track…but it could just be the game changer we’ve both been searching for.


I received Game Changer in return for an honest review from the publisher 

Nova is scared to fly but she’s doing it for her sister’s upcoming wedding. She has a seat next to a grumpy attractive guy who wants nothing todo with her. She try her best to distract herself from the flight but Clay dealing with his own issues. They share a moment in the bathroom when he helps her calm down and even offers to take her for her first tattoo but when she wakes up he’s gone and she suspects she will never see him again. 

Focusing on her sisters wedding she doesn’t expect to find him as the star player on her future brother-in-laws team. The chemistry between them is instant neither can deny the connect and Clay finds it refreshing that she doesn’t see him as the basketball star he is. She really sees him but he can’t get involved with her. Nova has her own issues as she’s keeping secrets from her own sister. As the month progresses the pair bond in ways they never have before with anyone else. When clay get’s the chance he’s been wanting will he throw it all away for Nova? 

I loved Game Changer it was beautifully written the character are just so real. I honestly love Nova she’s this bright sunshine while Clay is just so grumpy they just work so well together and their relationship is so sweet it’s not rushed just perfect. I love that she see’s him not the basketball star but the man he is no one else sees. These two have such a steamy connection but it’s not rushed it’s perfectly balanced. I love that we get to know some of the team as well as her new friends it was nice to see Nova finally fit in even with her pink hair. I felt I was really able to connect with her. 

This book blew me away I devoured it in just a few short hours not putting it down till I finished the last page. Only to want to throw the book across the room as I have to wait for the next one. The story is captivating with characters you just love. I knew this was the first in the series but I honestly thought each book would be a different set of characters so when this book ripped my heart out I didn’t see it coming. I thought I would have my happy ever after now I have to wait which is fine because I wasn’t ready to be done with Nova and Clay. I want more I just loved their story so far. Perfect for fans of the Grumpy/sunshine trope, second chances, and beautiful love stories. This is my first book by Piper Lawson but now I need to read them all. Eek can’t wait for the next one she blew me away. Mind blowing how much I loved this book. Best book of 2023 hands down. It had all the feels as it captured my heart. 

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