Monday, October 19, 2015

Manga Review: Attack on Titan Vol 3

Title - Attack on Titan Vol 3 
Author - Hajime Isayama
Series - Attack on Titan #3
Genre - Horror Manga 
Published - December 4th 2012
Publisher - Kodansha Comics 
Format - Kindle



The last thing Eren remembers before blacking out, a Titan had bitten off his arm and leg and was getting ready to eat him alive. Much to his surprise he wakes up without a scratch on him, with a crowd of angry soldiers screaming for his blood. What strange new power has he awakened, and what will happen when the boy devoted to destroying the Titans becomes one himself?

Includes special extras after the story!
I watched the first few episodes on nextflix but it’s not in English so I opted to go with the manga to check it out because the complete series exists instead of just season one. This is my first manga so I don’t really have any prior experience to base it off when it comes to the art or story. I like the art it’s not over complex when it comes to telling the story it seems to work for the gritty horror story. So far the story while is well developed it’s easy to get lost turning the pages.

The third installment still continues with the story about the attack when Eren saved Armin from a Titan in return getting eaten. However that’s not the last for Eren he emerges as a titan to fight the other titans giving his fellow trainee’s a chance to get out of the city. Armin is slowly coming out of his shell a little more as a leader after all he has to save Eren now that they’ve seen him as a titan. Will they figure out the origin of the titans before it’s too late?

At last we are starting to learn a little more about the titans which I like. We still don’t know why they are killing the humans we are making progresses in that direction. Another action packed installment finished it 30 minutes after the 2nd installment. It’s kind of one of those hard to put down books even though it’s really a comic book. I’m not a horror fan but I am hooked on the story we are getting a little more into the characters past as well as learning a little more about them. I’m curious to see how things are going to play out in the rest of the series. For not being a fan of comic books I’m really enjoying reading these manga maybe it’s the zombie dystopian theme. It really is a interesting fast paced series I highly recommend.    

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