Thursday, October 29, 2015

Book Review: Life After Falling

Title - Life After Falling
Author - Alyssa Rose Ivy
Genres - New adult, Contemporary Romance
Published - October 15th 2015
Format - Kindle Review Copy

One tangled cassette tape. Two tangled lives.

Cassidy snaps. She quits her job and fiancĂ© all in the same day and ends up on her parents’ doorstep. In the midst of everything she is determined to fix a broken cassette tape that she thinks holds the key to rediscovering happiness.

On her quest to fix the tape she meets Leo, a guy as down on his luck as she is lost. What starts with curiosity leads to something resembling a relationship and maybe a chance at love. 

I received Life After Falling in return for an honest review from the author. Cassidy has left her finance quit her job and returned home in hopes of finding what she’s lost. Only to find that her parents have moved her stuff into the basement, her brother’s new girlfriend controls his life and she needs a haircut according to her mother. Hoping to reset herself on the path of life she’s determined to listen to a cassette tape from her childhood the only issues is she doesn’t have a tap deck so she sets off to find one. While she does return with a tape player it doesn’t want to play the tape and after many failed attempts she finds herself back at the store she purchased the tape player requesting help.

Cassidy doesn’t ask for help but almost begs Leo to help her because she has to listen to what’s on the tape but she doesn’t tell him just that she needs it. Leo offers to help Cassidy get the tape fixed but it’s going to take a few days before his friend can fix it. During that time Cassidy and Leo find a friendship that both of them seemed to be lacking and needing. Each one has a shattered path but together things really seem to work for both of them.  Will this happy ever but in their future or will the secrets they each have be too much for them?

I like Cassidy and Leo they are perfect for each other both have a past that they need the other to help them move on from. I kind of loved Leo’s past it’s a very real part of life and it was interesting to see how it would play out in the story. I also found Cassidy’s to be a unique story about what happened with her fiancĂ© it’s not something you see every day. I like that it just started out as friendship but built into more it was sweet yet steamy. 

I just knew I had to read Life After Falling the moment I saw the cover plus it’s from one of my favorite authors so it’s a must read. However as much as I hate to admit it real life got in the way so it sat on my kindle a little longer than I expected it to and I very much regret that. It’s such a beautifully written story it captured my heart I just loved Cassidy and Leo so much they just work so well together. I don’t know about Fluffy he was so grumpy but maybe it’s because I’m a dog person and he’s a fluffy white cat. I honestly loved every moment of the story it was hard to put down and I finished it in one afternoon it was perfect for cold day with a fluffy blanket. I did find this one played a little more on my heart strings but I think it’s because of Naomi she had me right from the start. Another exceptionally written book by the author it’s a perfectly told story, and might just be my new favorite couple, hope it’s not the last of them we see. I loved it!!!!!!!

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