Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: Whiteout

Title - Whiteout
Author - Nikki Jefford
Series - Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #5
Genre - YA Fantasy Vampires
Published - October 27th 2015
Publisher - Nikki Jefford
Format - Kindle Review Copy

Life on the run is no winter picnic, especially when Aurora’s partner sees himself as the sheriff, not the outlaw.

It’s a cat and mouse game across the Last Frontier with agents and vampires out for revenge.

Aurora has never fought so hard to stay alive, even as each day takes her further away from Fane. Will they ever be reunited? Or is Aurora destined to remain in Alaska with Dante forever?

I received Whiteout in return for an honest review from the author. Whiteout is the 5th installment in the Aurora Sky series taking off just after the end of the fourth book. Dante and Aurora are on the run hunted by Melcher as well as vampires both determined to capture the hunters. Now Dante and Aurora are working with Giselle to help her get Jared after what he did to her as well as Melcher. While they are hiding out in the wilderness Fane is trying to tracker her down knowing she’s on the run with Dante doesn’t help settle his nerves he has to find her because she’s not just a hunter but she’s the one for him. 

Aurora has accepted that she’s been a vampire ever since the car accident she’s even craving blood but unlike her Dante is still determined to stay as human as he can gobbling up human food and hunting vampires. The trio needs to find the perfect place to ambush Melcher and Jared so they can end it at last, and may just have found the right place. Fane is also determined to do what it takes to get Aurora as well as his longtime companion Joss back even calling in his family. With the help of his family he’s gotten Joss free but will he be able to get to Aurora before it’s too late? Will Jared and Melcher fall for the trap walking into their hands? 

I love Aurora she’s one of my favorite vampire hunters who just keeps getting better with each book. I’ve been torn between Dante and Fane each one has always had potential as a love interest for Aurora. While I’m not fan of love triangles I really didn’t mind this one so much maybe it’s because deep down I always knew it would be Fane no matter how much I wanted it to be Dante. I think Aurora is a great character she can hold her own against the vampires, and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to taking out a vampire. 

I’ve had this one on my wish list forever so when the chance came up to review it I had to know what would happen next to my favorite vampire hunter. The vampire concept in the series is unique we have the blood sucking killing vampires but we also have those who are just trying to live in the human world who don’t kill. Plus we have the vampire trained hunters who hunt down the vampires who are doing the killing working for the government. I really enjoy the characters in the series even the ones I don’t want to like have actually grown on me like Gisselle but Aurora is still the best. I have actually been able to connect with most of the characters. I admit I did miss Noel and Valerie from the prior books they have found a place in my heart as two of my favorite character next to Aurora. Whiteout is a fast paced novel loaded with action, suspense and a little romance it’s one of those books that is hard to put down. The author has created an intricate story that is beautifully written that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I can’t wait for the next book because I just have to know what’s going to happen with Aurora and Fane. I loved every moment of Whiteout it's another brilliant installment in the Aurora Sky series. 

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