Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Review: Silent Stalker

Title - Silent Stalker 
Author - Richie Tankersley Cusick 
Genre - YA Horror
Published - April 1st 1993
Publisher - Simon Pulse
Format - Paperback

"Beware of the one who hides, who watches in the dark!"

Before Jenny Logan even entered the forbidding castle - a replica of the Worthingtons' ancestral home in England - a terrified stranger warned her away. Was the warning real - or just another example of the family's macabre sense of humor? Jenny couldn't be sure. She only knew her summer vacation with her father suddenly became a nightmare when the predatory Sir John Worthington invited them to stay - and his grandsons, the gorgeous Malcolm, his twin Derrick, and their mischievous cousin Wit spun a web of intrigue, romance and deceit around her. She's forced to play by their rules now, and battle the castle's ancient curse, which decrees that she will go mad, or die...or simply disappear...

Jenny is spending some time with her dad who happens to be working which mean she’s stuck tagging along with him. This week it’s to an old castle with a renaissance fair but her dad hasn’t made arrangements on where to stay so he’s hoping they can stay at the castle. While driving up to the castle in the rain Jenny’s door is thrust open with a warning that she shouldn’t go any forward but she didn’t listen.  Instead at her father’s insistence they continue driving up to the castle even planning on seeing if they can stay at the castle while he’s writing his piece for the article.

Jenny and her father are staying at the castle only instead of staying in rooms together they have her staying tucked away in a tower. At least she won’t be alone there are three guys as well as their father and some help in the castle. Her first night is anything but restful when she’s dragged from her bed hunted by the executioner who’s said to roam the halls of the castle. While Jenny tries to survive her time at the castle she needs to figure out what the secret the guys are keeping from her is. Will she make it out alive or be the executioners next victim?

It’s been at least 10 years since I read Silent Stalker but I still had a general idea how it would play out. It’s a fast paced story that is a quick read I had no problem finishing it in a little over an hour. I like the idea of the creepy castle as well as the fair going on it was very unique. A good suspenseful thriller I just wish it wasn’t so short now that I’m older I want more. I also found the concept and secrets surrounding the guys a great twist I didn’t see it coming. I connected with Jenny to the point that I liked her and didn’t want her to die but I just didn’t get enough time to really love her. Honestly I enjoyed Silent Stalker it’s a perfect book for a quick scare if you have a little downtime because it has a mystery romance and a killer who keeps you on the edge of your seat. Considering it’s over twenty years old it’s a perfect quick scare. I can only imagine if the author wrote the same kind of books with the modern spin on them. Super curious to check out her newer books. 

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