Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: Peeps

Title - Peeps
Author - Scott Westerfeld
Series - Peeps #1
Genre - YA Paranormal
Published - 2005
Publisher - Razorbill
Format - Hardcover 

Last year as college freshman, narrator Cal was infected by exotic goth Morgan with a parasite that caused following girlfriends to become vampire-like ghouls he calls parasite-positives "Peeps". A carrier without symptoms, he hunts his progeny for the centuries old bureaucratic Night Watch. But victims are showing more sanity, pretty human Lacey is pushing his buttons, and her apartment building basement houses fierce hordes of ravening rats, red-eyed cats, and monstrous worms that threaten all. Morgan has the secret to a centuries-old conspiracy and upcoming battle to save the human race.

Cal isn’t your typical human he’s a carrier of the virus that turns humans into vampires or Peeps. He’s part of the Night Watch which has been around for a long time hunting Peeps. Since Cal is a carrier he passed the parasite off on all the girls he’s kissed but they all turned into Peeps and he’s hunted them down for treatment. Now it’s time to find the one who turned him into a carrier for the parasite. As Cal sets out to find Morgan the girl who made him he finds an unlikely friend as well as that the parasite is evolving.

With the help of Lace he finds the new peeps in her building, which lead him to Morgan and things are not what he expected to find. Instead of being a peep he finds she’s a carrier just like him which is extremely rare and she’s not alone. With the parasite using cats as the new peep and the news that Morgan isn’t a peep things are just heating up. As secrets come out Lace learns the truth but she’s not thrilled and hurt with the truth that he kept for her.

My heart went out to Cal learning that all the girls you kissed have turned into vampire Peeps can’t be easy. Even worse learning that you’ll never be able to kiss another girl without the risk of turning her into a peep has to be rough. I like Cal life has given him lemons but he’s used it for good, he’s captured all his peeps and working his way going after the one who made him. He’s a good guy which I liked right away with a sense of humor also very knowledgeable about parasites bouncing around. 

One of my friends suggested that I give Peeps a try because she enjoyed it. I tend to avoid main male characters only because it’s easier for me to connect with female ones. However I didn’t have any issues connecting with Cal I liked him right from the start his sense of humor made me smile. The author has taken the vampire concept and put his own unique twists creating an exciting new story. Peeps is one of those books you will find yourself smiling about as well as googling to see if all the little parasite info is real. I know I was looking up a few to see pictures and found it fascinating. It’s one of those books you can sit down and lose all track of time reading which is what happened to me. This is my first book by this author but now I want to check out the rest of his books. I’m also looking forward to starting the second book to see what will happen next. I will honestly never look at the sugary peeps again after reading this book good thing I don’t like them.
4 out of 5 stars  

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