Sunday, June 22, 2014

Diary Entry

June 22nd 2014

It's Sunday morning the puppy had me awake at the crack of dawn 4:30 to be exact way to early since I went to bed at midnight. I wish I had been able to go back to sleep but didn't happen so I made coffee to keep me awake. So far I've made cinnamon bread, and pizza dough is on the way. A nice relaxing day watching

Just finished
Fall into Darkness by Christopher Pike (Review)
I've always been a fan after reading Witch World (Review) I decided to sneak in a few of my favorites as a kid.

I have a little cheat sheet that I've been adding books I want to read too. I have a few more days before the hubby get's home so I want to read a few more books. I'm really enjoying re-reading some of my childhood books. However I'm going to work on my review list so Unseen is next by Lauren Stewart (Goodreads). Unseen has a great cover and the synopsis sounds right up my ally.


Job security isn’t something Addison is all that concerned with.
Death, however? Yeah, death is a major concern.

After Addison finds a nearly-dusted vampire in the garbage outside her building, her ability to stay off the paranormal radar is deader than the vamp. Almost as dead as she’ll be if anyone thinks she put him there. Even though she’s basically shoving a stake into her own chest, she has no other choice but to get him indoors before he dusts in front of a human. And just when she thinks life couldn’t possibly get any worse, she finds out who he is.

As vampire king and Prime to all races of supernatural beings in this zone, Rhyse gets what he wants when he wants it. But after being ambushed, he wakes up chained to a bed with a hole in his chest and, unfortunately, he needs help to discover who tried to kill him. His only ally is his captor, someone unaware she has the power to bring down their entire world.

While a prophesized war brews in the Heights, Addison and Rhyse must decide which carries more risk—trusting someone who could destroy you or trusting someone who could love you?

* * * 
The Heights not only protects the secrecy of vampires, shifters, demons, angels, and other supernaturals, it protects the humans unaware of the world hidden within their own.

Newest books to my shelf. 

It's been a long boring day so I decided to see what amazon had in the way of books and added a few to my ever growing kindle collection. Do you ever look at the kindle freebies? I check them daily because you never know what you'll find. 
Taking Back Sunday by Cristy Rey (Goodread)
 Edge of Seventeen by Cristy Rey (Goodreads)
Unfinished Business by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson (Goodreads)

Kindle Freebies  at the time of posting
I added all of these to my TBR 
Autumn's Blood by Marissa Farrar (Goodreads)(Amazon)
Sisters in Love by Melissa Foster (Goodreads)(Amazon)
Easy Bake Coven by Liz Schulte (Goodreads)(Amazon)
Banded by Logan  Byrne (Goodreads)(Amazon)

My Bookish suggestions 
One for the Money by Janet Evanovich (Goodreads) One of my favorite mystery chic lit series. I highly recommend this series to most people. 

What are you reading?

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