Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Fall Into Darkness

Title - Fall Into Darkness 
Author - Christopher Pike
Genre - Mystery Horror YA 
Published - 1990
Publisher - Simon Pulse
Format - Paperback

Ann Rice is dead, and her best friend, Sharon McKay, stands accused even though no body has been found. Nevertheless, the prosecution is almost certain of victory, and Sharon must prove that her friend committed suicide--and unravel the vengeful scheme of an obsessed teenager.

Sharon’s life should be perfect she’s headed off to Julliard because of her piano skills next year but everything suddenly changes.  Sharon heads off camping with her friends for a night a break away from the piano. Things turn bad when she takes a walk with her best friend and on the way back hears her friend scream as she goes over the cliff. Her friends hear Ann scream “Don’t” than her scream has she falls causing them to think Sharon pushed her. Sharon is the perfect suspect after all her friends heard what sounded like a fight than Ann went over the edge.

Sharon knows she didn’t kill Ann but the police have another theory. Even though a body hasn’t show up it’s no surprise that they may never find it with the water below. With the help of her public defender Sharon might get off without jail time but she doesn’t understand why Ann would kill herself and frame her. Will Sharon be able to figure out what really happened? Is someone else lurking in the shadows?

Right off the start my heart went out to Sharon it can’t be easy being charged with murdering you best friend. As the story progresses I felt myself connecting to her even if I didn’t always agree of her choice. I also found myself connecting with Ann she’s had a rough life, her story is tragic and I liked her. I wasn’t sure about any of the guys they frustrated me.

Fall into Darkness starts when Sharon is in jail waiting for her trial and bounces back to the past the leading up to the night when Ann died. A short fast paced mystery that leaves the read on the edge of their seat till the end. As a teen Christopher Pike was my favorite author I like the hints of romance mix in with the horror, and still enjoy them as an adult. I enjoyed the story it was just like I remember when I read it years ago. After recently reading his newer books the author has only gotten better over the years as a story teller. I did enjoy Fall into Darkness the Nostalgia was an added bonus. I’m sure when I’m craving a quick mystery I’ll read this book again. 
4 out of 5 stars

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