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Blog Tour: Review - Centaur Redemption

Title - Centaur Redemption

Author - Nancy Straight
Series - Touched Series #4
Genre - YA Paranormal Romance
Published - January 2014
Publisher - Self Published


Cami and Drake’s honeymoon is cut short as they escape attacks by the Council Enforcers and head to South Africa for the meeting of the Centaur Council, which has ordered a death sentence on Cami and all members of the Lost Herd. The Council Chairman is her grandmother, her most dangerous foe. Surrounded by family and friends, Drake and Cami face the Council, Cami’s power-hungry uncles, an ambitious twin, taking the battle all the way to Zeus to attempt to win the freedom of the Tak herd.

I received Centaur Redemption in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Wordsmith Publicity. (I’m going to try very hard not to give anything away that will spoil the series.) Cami isn't human but it wasn’t till after her mother passed away that she found her birth father and learned about her heritage as a centaur. Since learning that she has a family she doesn’t know exists Cami has been kidnapped, fallen in love, learned she has a brother and risked her life to save her family just to mention a few. Cami has stepped into a whole new world that takes her on adventures that change her life in ways she could never imagine.

Cami has been on the run since she’s fled her grandmother’s home with the help of her friends as well as her new brothers she has stayed safe. She’s even had time to fall in love with a centaur who becomes a true warrior in order to save her. Cami rushes to the council in hopes of saving her family who are the lost tribe but her grandmother along with her brother are determined to stop her, but an unlikely visitor shows up changing everything even her grandmother plans. When the truth comes out with is change the future of the lost tribe?

I love Cami and Drake they are by far my favorite couple add in the fact that they are centaur’s just makes their story even better. Through Cami and Drakes story we have gotten to know her family as well as her brothers some of them have even found love which is rare for so many to marry centaur females in one family. We also have gotten to know her best friend from her human life before she found out the truth Daniel. I like the way the author has woven other characters’ lives within Cami’s story I can’t help falling in love with them as well.

I’ve been waiting since the last book to get my hands on Centaur Redemption because I’ve been dying to see what happens next for my favorite Centaur and family. I found the whole concept for the centaurs unique and exciting it’s one of those stories that capture’s the imagination as well as the heart. I finished the book in a few short hours knowing I couldn’t stop till I saw how it would end.  I feel the author has done a brilliant job writing another installment in the Touched series, her writing flows smoothly. I can see why people can lose all track of time reading her books. I honestly loved the story it kept me on the edge of my seat mixing adventure and pulling at my heart strings. I finished the book in tears some happy some sad but it works and I don’t cry very often that’s how vested in the characters I am. I was so happy to read that this won’t be the last book because I know I’ll miss them when it’s the end. If you haven’t read the Touched series I would highly recommend it. When people ask me for a paranormal suggestion it’s my first choice because I love everything about it. I can’t wait for the next chapter in Cami’s story, I know I’ll be impatiently waiting. Did I mention this is one of my favorite series, and I love it!!!
5 out of 5 stars 

Author Bio

I LOVE Starbucks’ White Mocha Latte and Mountain Dew, (but not together). I have a lead foot so I set cruise control when I drive, even in 25 MPH zones. I almost never win when I play Angry Birds, but have my 9 year old close, so he can clear the hard levels for me. I grew up on a farm and am opposed to eating fresh chicken (not opposed to meat - just opposed to any meat that was alive a few hours before lunch). I am a huge fan of the show, Big Bang Theory, on CBS. I share my life with two fantastic sons, three rotten dogs and a husband that I adore.

Twitter: @NancyStraight 

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  1. Thank you VERY much for being on the Touched Series tour and for the FABULOUS review of Centaur Redemption!!