Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Demon in My View

Title - Demon in My View
Author - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Series - Den of Shadows #2
Genre - YA Paranormal
Published - May 1st 2000
Publisher - Laurel Leaf
Format - Ebook


Though nobody at her high school knows it, Jessica is a published author. Her vampire novel, Tiger, Tiger, has just come out under the pen name Ash Night. Now two new students have just arrived in Ramsa, and both want Jessica's attention. She has no patience with overly friendly Caryn, but she's instantly drawn to Alex, a self-assured, mysterious boy who seems surprisingly familiar. If Jessica didn't know better, she'd think Aubrey, the alluring villain from her novel had just sprung to life. That's impossible, of course; Aubrey is a figment of her imagination. Or is he?


Jennifer may be in high school but she writes vampire novels. Her first has just been published but her story is more than just some sparkly vampire story. It’s a story that draws the attention of one of the vampires she wrote about who actually exists. Jessica is thrust into the world she wrote about drawn to the vampire that she should fear. Other vampires are determined to see the end of her before she reveals more secrets, will she survive to see her second book published. 

I didn't like Jennifer at all which maybe soured the book for me. I found her frustrating and just rude to those around her even the ones trying to help her. I found myself liking the witch Caryn instead even though she's not the main character in the story. I didn't like Aubrey in the first but I admit he's grown on me as the story progressed. 

I've had this one on my TBR for a while after loving the first one. However Demon in My View fell short to me. Maybe it's because I just didn't like the main character and had a hard time connecting with her. I like the concept for the vampire as well as the witches. The author's writing style is easy to follow along with it flows smoothly which I enjoyed. It's a short book so I was able to finish it in one sitting. Even though this isn't my favorite book in the series it's still interesting to see another side of Aubrey and I'm looking forward to the next one. 
3 out of 5 stars

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