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Review: Accidentally Catty

Title - Accidentally Catty
Author - Dakota Cassidy
Series - Accidentals #5 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Published - March 1st 2011
Publisher - Berkley Publishing Group
Format - Ebook


A purrr-fectly scintillating new novel from the national bestselling author of Accidentally Demonic. 

Katie Woods never thought she'd be forty-one, divorced, and thrust back into the dating world. To start fresh, Katie uproots her veterinary practice to upstate New York-not exactly the hottest dating scene on the planet. But when an unconscious cougar appears at her clinic, Katie's newly single life gets a much needed jolt of the supernatural kind.

After Katie examines the cougar and leaves him caged overnight, she's shocked to find a big strapping specimen of young, hot man in its place. And when the scratch she got during the exam results in some unnatural side effects, Katie has more to deal with then her animal attraction to a much younger guy-she has to figure how to stop herself from becoming a cougar of the four-legged variety.

Opening teaser

“Uh, Dr. Woods?”
“You do see that, don’t you? I mean, that’s not just the buttery nipple shots I had after dinner talking, right? Because, like, oh, my effin’ God.”
Katherine Woods, DVM, inhaled deep, then released with a whoosh of breath made visible by the chilly country air. “No. I didn’t have anything even remotely buttery or nipply and I see what you see.” She ran a hand over her forehead in thought.
What to do? What to do?

Katie has moved back home to live with her aunt starting her own veterinary practice but the locals don’t trust her. When leaving work one night an unconscious cougar outside they assume is from the exotic animal attraction down the road. They get him in a cage only to find in the morning that the cougar is gone left behind an attractive man way too young for her but that’s the least of her problems. Katie was scratched by the cougar and is starting to show symptoms of being something else plus the young man doesn't know who he is.

Without knowing what else to do Katie’s receptionist Ingrid puts out a call to OOPS who happen to be the girls from the prior books who set up a supernatural hotline. When Wanda and Nina arrive in town they find Katie is turning into a were cougar which is a rare breed. The girls get arrested in the assault of the animal attraction doctor, and need a demon to bail them out. The more Katie gets to know Beck/Shaw the more she finds herself falling for the younger man but his past is coming back to haunt him which could mean her life too.

I loved Katie she’s not your typical collage age girl but older 41 she has a career and a past but I think that’s what makes her a real character. Of course I love the girls from the prior books. Katie is defiantly my favorite so far of them all so far but her life is anything but boring living with her Aunt and Ingrid. I liked Beck/Shaw right off the bat because he knew project runway which is one of my favorite shows. He just kept getting better as the book progressed.

I fell in love with Katie and Shaw’s story what’s not to love about a shapeshifter story when you toss in a few other supernatural beings. The whole concept for Accidentally Catty is really cute, the author has written a captivating story that I found hard to put down. Her writing style is one of my favorite it’s easy to lose all track of time with her books and the story flows along smoothly. The book is a mix of mystery romance and humor that creates a perfect story. The characters are easy to connect with I couldn’t help falling in love with the new ones like I did the old. Each book tells the story of a different couple with a different supernatural being so far so each story is unique and enjoyable even adding the prior characters to the current book.  I honestly can’t say enough how much I love this series it’s a fun quick read that does have some mature moments but overall mature teens as well as adults will enjoy. I’m anxiously looking forward to starting the next book with the new one coming out the end of the summer. 
5 out of 5 stars

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