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A chance to dive into the mysteries in Stitch and Shudder

The Mystery!
Review at Here's the Story
When they begin their expedition, Alessa and Isaac assume at first that the virus following the war ravaged civilization, leaving few humans behind. But then why does Alessa keep feeling something following them through the woods? What is the strange noise that Isaac hears at night?  And why does the monster following them leave human footprints in the dirt?

Meanwhile, Nikhil finds himself in solitary confinement in Paragon’s prison. But he finds a friend. That friend turned out to be who I was hoping it would be. (I’m not going to tell you, though. You have to read the book to find out.) To further add to your confusion and need to read this book, I was happy it didn’t go where I thought it was going to go but I was sad that it went where it did. How’s that for cryptic?!

The other point of view that is telling us the story is a young girl whom the scientists/governors in Paragon have named Phoenix. The governors are telling Phoenix all about the way Paragan came to be formed, why the dramas were introduced as entertainment and also the drugs in the food to keep the population from becoming too restless. But are the governors etc telling Phoenix the truth? Even it is partially true why are they telling Phoenix? In fact who is Phoenix? Well "Phoenix" doesn't remember who she is so she doesn't truly know who or what to trust. The governors/leaders of Paragan are planning the destruction of the rebels and intend to use Phoenix to do it.  I can't say anything else or it would give away who Phoenix is.
Excerpt at Willing to See Less

But no one spoke.  In a harsh whisper, he put the final nail in her coffin, slowly and deliberately taking pleasure as his mouth formed each solitary syllable: “Or should she be punished?”
The crowd replied with a deafening roar of condemnation, snarling and howling like a rabid animal just itching for blood.  As the mob whipped itself into a frenzy, she could feel his wry smile branding itself into her back.  His job was done – now all he had to do was watch.
A stinging sensation buried itself in her shoulder.  And then another, in her gut.  And another, on her thigh.
And then she was nothing but pain, every inch of her body pounding with the impact of each jagged rock.
She tried to stand tall, to fight through the agony, but it was too much.  The blows ripped the air from her lungs and she doubled over, trying in vain to shield herself.
Her mind shut off, all conscious thought leaving her body as the crippling ache took over, and some distant part of her prayed quietly for the torture to end.
And then one violent strike connected with her temple, and she was gone.

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