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The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post
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Happy Sunday Funday!
The weather has been all over some days we are in the upper 90s while others we are in the lovely cooler 80's. I'm so ready for the cooler weather it will make baking a lot more enjoyable. I've been holding off as with the oven going and the heat outside it heats up a lot. I am much more of a Pacific Northwest girl and need more cooler weather. No snow but lots of rain are in my future. 

This week has been super busy but things are starting to fall in line. My teenager heads off to MEPS to get enlisted in the Navy this week and I'm super proud of him. I know this will be a new adventure for him. The little one is now on the hunt for another afternoon adventure. I suspect it will be gymnastics in our future. She has been kinda all over when it comes to sports but maybe this is the one she wants. 

Still have a bunch to write so look for them in the new week.

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  • Newly Added to my collection. 
    Received my Luv Books box this week full of goodies. 
    Misadventures Collection of Sierra Simone stories. 

    Kinda did a little shopping this week some physical books and ebooks. 


    Plus a whole bunch of freebies

    Crafty projects & Baking/cooking & Gardening

    I am hoping to make pretzels and bagels this week if we keep cool long enough. 

    Quote from this week 
    I love this! Check more out from the author Here

    Around the blogosphere
    Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon October Sign ups are open (here) be sure to sign up. 
     Unearthed Blog tour starts this week. Be sure to visit the stops this week. 

    I'm still an Instagram addict you should check it out lots of fun!!!
    Find me (Here) I working on 10k followers

    I hope everyone has a great week. 

    Saturday, September 21, 2019

    Stacking the Shelves

    Created by Tynga's Reviews
    Stacking the Shelves is a weekly post that we share our newly added books and swag. 

    Received my Luv Books box this week full of goodies. 
    Misadventures of a Backup Bride by Shayla Black
    Misadventures Collection of Sierra Simone stories. 
    Misadventures with a Professor 
    Misadventures of a Curvy Girl 
    Misadventures in Blue 
    Bolt by Angel Payne

    Kinda did a little shopping this week some physical books and ebooks. 
    So I'm a Spider, So What? Vol 1 by Kiryu Tasukasa
    Kaiju Girl Caramelise by Spica Aoki 
    Monster Tamer Girls, Vol 1 by Mujirushi Shimazaki 
    Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass by Mariko Tamaki

    A Dress for the Wicked by Autumn Krause
    The Babysitters Coven by Kate M. Williams  
    Crown of Coral and Pearl by Mara Rutherford 

    Plus a whole bunch of freebies

    What's on your shelf this week? 

    Book Blitz: Academy of Littles Collection

    Academy of Littles Collection 
    Allison West 
    Published by: Blushing Books Publications
    Publication date: September 18th 2019
    Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance

    He demands you enroll in the Academy of Littles.
    You have no other choice.
    He takes what’s his.

    You hold on to your most prized possession.
    Your virtue.
    What happens when you give yourself over and learn to submit completely?

    Three women. Three Papas. Three scandalous stories of love, passion, and learning to obey. Not for the faint of heart.
    Publisher’s Note: This is a collection of three steamy, dark romance tales – Enrolling Little Etta, The Nanny, and Little Secrets – which contain power exchange and scenes which may trigger some readers.
    “Tell me, when was the last time you felt the innocence of being a child: carefree and without worry?” he asked gently.
    Sighing and allowing her shoulders to collapse in a slump, she answered. “I do not remember ever being carefree and without worry, Mr. Hartley. I do not have the luxury in life to do so.”
    “Do you not wish sometimes that you could be like a child? Have no worries, no concerns of misfortune, and no hard decisions to make. Have you ever wished to have someone take care of you, fully take care of your every need? Have you ever wanted to be tucked in at night, kissed on the forehead and told to have sweet dreams, and you would, because someone who loves you very much has already chased the bad dreams away?”

    Author Bio:
    Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Erotica, BDSM, Romantic Erotica, Sci-Fi, Victorian, and Historical Erotica. She also writes young adult novels under the name Ruth Silver.
    Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog "Spanking Author."

    Book Blitz: Alex

    A.M. Salinger 
    (Twilights Falls, #1)
    Publication date: September 20th 2019
    Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

    Alex Hancock needs money to salvage his career. Finn West needs a spouse to stop his aunt from sabotaging his future. Can the two men make more of the fake marriage they enter into?
    When Alex’s business partner runs off to Mexico with their company funds, the lawyer has little choice but to return to his hometown of Twilight Falls to marry someone he’d never met in order to raise the money to save his business. What he didn’t expect was that the woman he was meant to wed would turn out to be a gorgeous, brooding man.
    Finn had resigned himself to a life without love after his wife’s death from cancer. Wracked with guilt at never being able to satisfy her in bed, Finn is shocked when his body and his heart starts responding to the man he is tricked into marrying to stop his aunt from dissolving his trust fund.
    Passions collide when the two men start exploring their relationship in ways neither of them anticipated. Can Alex convince Finn to embrace his sexuality and take a chance on them? Or will Finn run away from his only chance at true love?
    Discover Alex and Finn’s story in the enthralling first novel in Twilight Falls, the new series by the author of the bestselling, contemporary romance series Nights.
    Alex Hancock came out of the coffee shop opposite the courthouse and froze in his tracks.
    Someone had parked their dirty, mud-streaked Jeep Wrangler close to his pristine, black and red Triumph motorcycle.
    Alex’s knuckles whitened on his cup of black coffee.
    When it rains, it fucking pours!
    He stormed across the street, stopped in front of the offending vehicle, and glared at it as if it had committed a crime. A car slowly pulled up behind him.
    “Wow,” someone murmured. “You look pissed.”
    Alex turned. A pretty brunette was watching him with an amused expression from behind the wheel of a red, convertible Mini.
    “You would be too if some asshole just blocked you in!” he snapped.
    Izzy Batista’s green eyes sparkled impishly as she observed the grimy, four-wheel drive. “Yup, that guy must be one giant dick.”
    She parked her car and joined him outside the courthouse.
    “I gotta give it to you, Hancock. You sure scrub up nice.” Izzy placed her hands on her hips and scrutinized him with a critical eye.
    Alex sighed irritably and downed his drink. He winced when a burst of acid rose in his throat.
    “Easy on the coffee, stud,” Izzy murmured. “We don’t want you getting an ulcer on your big day.”
    A fresh bout of nerves twisted Alex’s gut at Izzy’s words.
    “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he mumbled to himself. “Me, Alex Hancock, getting married.”
    Izzy patted his arm. “No backsies.” A trace of steel underscored her friendly tone. “Remember, you got a lot riding on this.”
    He crushed the coffee cup and tossed it in a nearby trash can.
    She’s right.
    It had been a month since the life Alex had carefully built in San Diego had come crashing down around him, after his business partner of two years embezzled from their law firm and ran off to Mexico. Mired in debt and with his new condo on the verge of being repossessed, Alex had desperately been trying to raise the necessary capital to salvage his career and company when Izzy Batista had called him out of the blue ten days ago. The sister of Wyatt Batista, one of Alex’s lifelong friends from his hometown of Twilight Falls, Izzy had discovered the predicament he was in through her older brother.
    “I may have a solution to your problems,” Izzy said. “Word of warning though, it’s pretty unorthodox.”
    Alex stilled where he sat on his couch, his cell phone in hand. “What do you mean?”
    “One of my clients is in trouble,” Izzy said. “They have to get married by the end of the month or they’ll lose their estate and half of their considerable fortune.”
    Alex frowned. “I don’t understand.”
    Izzy sighed. “I’m saying this client needs a mail-order groom. And pronto. They’re willing to pay half a million dollars to the right candidate.”
    Alex’s mouth went dry. “Half a million dollars?” His heart pounded against his ribs as he glanced at the boxes filling the apartment. He’d barely started unpacking when Ryan had pulled the rug out from under him and disappeared with half the company’s funds.
    “Yup, half a million dollars,” Izzy repeated. “The contract’s for six months. Marry the client, live with them, and then walk into the sunset with the money and no strings attached.”
    Alex swallowed, shocked that he was even entertaining the crazy idea Izzy had just proposed.
    “Where does your client live?” he mumbled.
    “Twilight Falls.”
    Alex grimaced at Izzy’s answer. He raked a hand through his hair and stared at the dazzling lights of San Diego Bay through the glass doors overlooking his terrace, a storm of memories and bittersweet emotions crashing over him.
    “I know you don’t like coming back here, Alex,” Izzy said quietly. “Not since the accident. But this could solve all your problems. And my client’s too.”
    Alex chewed the inside of his cheek. “What’s wrong with your client?”
    “What makes you think there’s anything wrong with my client?” Izzy said in a voice that Alex immediately distrusted.
    “Because someone with that much money shouldn’t be struggling to find herself a fianc√©, even a fake one. So what is it? Is she unattractive? Does she have a horrible personality?” He pulled a face. “Does she eat puppies for breakfast?”
    “None of the above,” Izzy replied in a cheerful tone. “The client is gorgeous. They’re just a bit…eccentric, is all.”
    Alex mulled Izzy’s words over. Eccentric he could deal with.
    “Are they expecting sex?”
    A soft chuckle travelled down the line.
    “No, it isn’t that kind of arrangement. Besides, I know you’re more into dicks than vaginas.”
    “Yeah, well, my dick hasn’t seen much action lately,” Alex muttered.
    “And here I thought you moved to San Diego for all the gay guys,” Izzy said drily. “You know, since you’d pretty much fucked all the hot ones here in Twilight Falls.”
    Alex scowled. “I only fucked one hot guy in that town.”
    Izzy laughed. Alex found his lips curving in a faint smile at her bubbly voice. Truth be told, he missed Izzy and Wyatt. He missed all the friends he’d left behind when he decided to move to San Diego, after the accident that had changed all of their lives.
    A comfortable silence settled between them.
    “So, what will it be, Alex?” Izzy finally said.
    Alex hesitated. “The end of the month is only ten days away.”
    “Your math is spot on. I knew there was a reason why you became a lawyer.”
    Alex ignored her sarcastic words. “Give me a few days to think about it.”
    It had taken him three days to make his decision. Six days later, he’d put his stuff in storage, returned his apartment keys to his realtor, and climbed on the beautifully restored, classic motorcycle he’d owned since he was seventeen for the one-hundred-and-fifty-mile ride to the San Bernardino Mountains and the quaint, historic town of Twilight Falls.
    Nestled in a valley of towering pine forests and home to the picturesque waterfall and rapids from which it took its name, Twilight Falls started life as a nineteenth-century trading post and mining settlement, during the California Gold Rush. After a slump following the two World Wars, the place saw a strong revival in the second half of the twentieth century, as a result of a sustained campaign by the city council to turn it into a tourist town. The rise in outdoor sports activities meant it now stayed busy pretty much all year around, with the briefest of lulls at Thanksgiving and the New Year.
    Alex had reached Twilight Falls late last night. Having refused Izzy and Wyatt’s offer to put him up at their place, he’d booked himself into a motel outside town; the spring tourist season was just getting started and there’d still been rooms available at short notice. Not that he would have wanted to stay in town. Even though it had been twelve years since he’d left the place, he was bound to bump into someone he knew and he wasn’t in the mood for small talk.
    “Are you ready?” Izzie said presently, excitement raising the pitch of her voice.
    “Not really,” Alex murmured.
    Izzy grinned. “Yeah, well, if you’d stayed at our place, we could have gotten you wasted and you’d be doing this drunk right now.”
    “I really don’t think the county clerk would be impressed if the groom turned up with a hangover,” Alex said sternly. “Besides, I’m entering a legal agreement with this woman. The least I can do is show up sober.”
    He looked up at the two-story, cream stucco and red-brick building before them and squared his shoulders.
    Whoever this broad is, I only have to live with her for six months. How bad can it be?
    An odd expression danced across Izzy’s face.
    “What is it?” Alex said.
    “Nothing.” Izzy flashed him a bright smile, hooked her arm through his elbow, and guided him up the short flight of steps and into the building.
    They checked in at reception and headed in the direction of the court rooms. Surprise darted through Alex when Izzy walked past the austere wooden doors and continued down the hall.
    “Where are we going?” he said, puzzled.
    “To the chapel,” Izzy replied breezily.
    He arched an eyebrow.
    “The client insisted,” she explained with a mysterious smile.
    The first tendrils of unease started coiling through Alex. Izzy was acting strange. And he wasn’t sure he liked the hint of devilment in the depths of her eyes.
    The chapel doors appeared up ahead. Alex’s pulse speeded up when they opened them and stepped inside a large, airy chamber. The chapel was a relatively new addition to the courthouse and had been designed along the traditional lines of a church, with an altar, a chancel, and a nave split by a central aisle. But it wasn’t the charming ecclesiastical interior or the delightful pastel colors around them that caused Alex to draw a sharp breath and rock to a stop on the checkered marble flooring.
    He stared beyond the bright posies and white lace decorating the wooden pews to the two figures rising to their feet from the front right row.
    “Jesus, Izzy!” Alex hissed, shock reverberating through him. “I can’t marry her! She’s older than my grandmother!”
    The elderly dame in the pink brocade dress and pale floral hat arched an eyebrow.
    “You were right,” she told Izzy. “That one has a smart mouth on him.” The woman’s eyes fairly twinkled with glee as she studied Alex’s stunned expression. “I’m not the one you’re marrying, sonny.”
    Alex’s heart stuttered. His gaze switched to the tall, dark-haired man in the smart, navy-blue suit and the ivory, rose boutonni√®re next to the woman. A thunderous expression clouded the stranger’s handsome, stubbled features.
    Shit. You’re kidding me.
    “What the hell is going on, Izzy?” the man growled.

    Author Bio:
    Ava Marie Salinger is the pen name of an Amazon bestselling author who has always wanted to write scorching hot contemporary romance. In 2018, she finally decided to venture to the steamy side. NIGHTS is the first of several sizzling series featuring sweet, sexy men with dark pasts and a whole lot of love to give to the ones brave enough to fight for their hearts. When she’s not dreaming up hotties to write about, you’ll find Ava creating kickass music playlists to write to, spying on the wildlife in her garden, drooling over gadgets, and eating Chinese.
    Want to be the first to know about Ava’s new releases and get access to exclusive content, sneak previews, sales, and giveaways? Then sign up to her Reader Group here and join her VIP Facebook Fan Group here.

    Thursday, September 19, 2019

    Book Blitz: B & E Ever After

    B & E Ever After 
    Linda Kage 
    (Fairy Tale Quartet, #3)
    Publication date: September 16th 2019
    Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, Retelling, Romance

    A contemporary Hansel and Gretel Romance.
    Gretel, er, I mean, Gabriella Salazar finds temptation and desperation to be too great and breaks into a wicked witch’s—uh, that is—a pretentious, rich woman’s condo, only to discover she’s not the only one with a B & E fetish. The twist is that the mysterious, handsome Hansel to her Gretel who has also stolen into the same apartment is anything but brotherly, and the two strangers find themselves lip-locked before the evening is over. Now Gabby and her new, aggravating accomplice must get crafty and work together to free themselves and everyone they hold dear from a mad woman’s clutches.
    But breaking and entering never ends with a happily ever after…right?
    From the front of the apartment, the distinct sound of a door unlocking echoed down the hall.
    Wide brown eyes gaped at me, letting me know she heard it too.
    “Shit!” I surged to my feet beside her, squeezing her hand tight. “She’s home.”
    “Wait. What do you mean shit?” Eyes going wide, she gasped. “Oh my God, you’re not supposed to be here, either. Are you? I thought you looked way too sneaky, backing into the apartment the way you did.” Expression going murderous, she smacked me hard on the side of my shoulder. “You fucking hypocrite! Treating me like a burglar when you broke in too.”
    “Shut up,” I hissed as the sound of the front door swung open. Slipping my wallet from my jacket, I flipped it around with one hand in order to flash my keycard, waving it in front of her face as I whispered, “At least I have a key and I know who lives here.”
    She opened her mouth, looking pissed, but I set a finger over her mouth to quiet her. We could argue later. Right now, I had to come up with a plan to save us both from the wrath of Lana, who I could hear tossing her car keys on a side table in the front room.
    “Just so you know,” I murmured as quietly as possible, pocketing my wallet as I stepped closer. “I’m doing this for your own damn good.”
    Her eyes flared with worry. “Wait. Doing what?”
    In answer, I wrapped a hand around the back of her neck, hauled her up against me, and slanted my mouth across hers.

    Author Bio:
    Linda writes romance fiction from YA to adult, contemporary to fantasy. Most Kage stories lean more toward the lighter, sillier side with a couple meaningful moments thrown in. Focuses more on entertainment value and emotional impact.
    Published since 2010. Went through a 2-year writing correspondence class in children's literature from The Institute of Children's Literature. Then graduated with a Bachelors in Arts, English with an emphasis in creative fiction writing from Pittsburg State University.
    Now she lives with hubby, two daughters, cat Holly, and nine cuckoo clocks in southeast Kansas, USA. Farm girl. Parents were dairy farmers. Was youngest of eight. Big family. Day job as a cataloging library assistant.
    Harry Potter House Gryffindor, Patronus White Stallion, character match Hagrid. Supernatural Team Dean. Game of Thrones Team Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. The Walking Dead Team Daryl. Outlander Team Jamie Fraser. Teen Wolf Team Stiles. Avenger Team Thor...or Hulk (can't decide). Justice League Team Flash. Arrow Team Stephen Amell. Stranger Things obsessed. Heard Laurel, not Yanny.
    Started out reading with the Baby-Sitters Club. Then moved to Sandra Brown, Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, and LaVyrle Spencer in high school. Now all over the place with her romance reading tastes.

    Book Blitz: Good Grief

    Good Grief 
    Vera Elle Unita 
    Publication date: September 15th 2019
    Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

    He wanted nothing more than to forget his past.
    Until she came along, bringing color back into his world.
    Now he’ll do everything to make her his.

    Jasmine Frost had imagined the first day at her new job quite differently. How on earth could she have known the arrogant billionaire Cole Ward would insist on her leading the renovations of his mansion?
    To oversee the project, Jasmine moves in with Cole. Turns out, the mansion needs more than a little makeover, and she is stuck with that growly bear of a man for weeks. He doesn’t even like her French bulldog—who the hell doesn’t like puppies?
    Still, they can’t withstand the strong attraction between them. The dark look in his eyes is intriguing and Jasmine can’t keep herself from digging into his past. But what if she doesn’t like what she finds?

    Fast, steamy, insta-love romance novel. Standalone, no cheating, HEA guaranteed.
    Only 99¢ for a limited time!
    Where did he know her from? Cole still hadn’t figured it out. It bugged him since he was certain he’d seen that angelic face some time in his life before. And the colors on her! Only, he remembered her as even more colorful? Unsure, he kept pacing up and down in front of the window in his study.
    The past few years, he’d lived solely for his tech firm, had buried himself in work after…no, he refused to think about it. He never ever wanted to think about that again. Back then he’d given himself one week. God, those seven days he’d drunk so much, he only remembered little shreds of it. That was good, though, because it had been the darkest time in his life. Never would there be a darker hour.
    First, he’d drunk away his sorrow, then he’d lost himself in work. Over the years, he’d met many, many people. He had never really looked at their faces, though, because they just didn’t matter to him. Since that one night so many years ago, he didn’t care anymore—not for anything or anyone. His life was divided into two parts: before and after.
    ‘Before’ measured thirty-three years, ‘after’ only five. ‘Before’ had been a bright, happy time, full of laughter and sunshine, but the memories were too painful to let them cross his mind. ‘After’ didn’t contain anything important to him. Yes, his corporation meant a billion-dollar income, but for Cole it was only something to do, something to take his mind off what had happened years ago. He would throw everything away if only he could go back in time and change the past. Anything. For that, he would do anything at all!
    Only, the past could never be changed. In one simple night, he’d become hard and cold. During the ‘after’ time he hadn’t really lived, only gone through the motions. No wonder he couldn’t pinpoint Jasmine Frost’s face. Probably she’d worked for one of his many associates and they’d met in a hallway or something. Cole couldn’t remember; it was all distorted in his mind. The last five years he hadn’t really lived, just existed.
    When he had first seen her, he’d felt like he’d awakened after an endless sleep. Jasmine Frost had brought color back into his gray world. In fact, she’d done the impossible. Cole hadn’t thought that anything or anyone could ever make a difference in his life again. But she had. Everything had changed; his feelings had been and still were all over the place. After feeling nothing for so long, he wasn’t quite able to control himself. Yeah, that had been pretty obvious, seeing his behavior, or more so lack of behavior, in that elevator.
    The only problem? Jasmine didn’t only bring color, no, she’d made every fucking memory come crashing back down on him. Not thinking about the past didn’t work anymore. The door, which he’d closed on his memories, had been ripped open. Now he couldn’t shut it anymore. She needed to fix that…him.
    Still pacing, Cole raked a hand through his hair. All night he’d hardly gotten any sleep, had been way too unsettled to close his eyes. There was guilt and want, grief and hope, sadness and happiness all mixed together, rattling and shaking him to his core. For the thousandth time, he glanced through the window onto the long driveway to his home. Still no car, still no Jasmine. Where was she? He was a mess, couldn’t wait to see her face again. How would it feel this time? Would the gray come back into his world and eat everything away until there was nothing left, or would Jasmine awaken him once more with all her bright colors?
    Cole wasn’t sure if he should wish for or fear the latter.
    When he looked out of the window again, his heart stopped for a second. A car was driving up to his house. Of course, it was a bright yellow Mini Cooper. The sun was coming back to him.

    Author Bio:
    Due to her father’s many business trips, Vera Elle Unita was born in Germany near Stuttgart in 1990. Since then she has traveled a lot, even studied one year abroad, but finally settled down with her husband and two beautiful dogs back home in the US—hello, Boston! She likes new hair colors, chocolate (who doesn’t?), and reading or writing about strong, perfectly imperfect book boyfriends struggling with their past. Everyone just needs a little love, right?

    Book Blitz: Accidental Rebel

    Accidental Rebel 

    Nicole Snow 
    Publication date: September 12th 2019
    Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

    Accidentally hitched to a dream. Now for the catch…

    I didn’t even say “I do.”

    One crank call and I’m insta-wife to a tattooed behemoth and mother to his kids.
    He’s paying my idiot boss a fortune for the perfect cover.
    Because trouble found Miller Rush, and he found me.

    A rock hard, overprotective rebel with a cause.

    Father of the century.
    Abs wound tighter than his attitude, stomping around my house, barking orders.
    Something’s got to give, okay?

    But it won’t be me.

    Not my courage, even when my nosy mother smells drama.
    Not my heart set on helping two little angels and their perma-grump dad.
    Definitely not my body screaming Mayday because his bedroom eyes are magnets.

    Deep breath.

    It’s only a few weeks.
    It’s only a whole crew of freaky people coming after him.
    It’s only pretend and I’m so not letting this Mrs. Rush thing go to my head.
    Why didn’t anyone warn me some knots can’t be untied?

    From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – a high stakes marriage mistake with a twist. One hulking superdad hero goes all-in to save his family and the wife he wasn’t supposed to keep. Full-length romance novel with a Happily Ever After sugar rush.
    “You okay, Gwen?”
    I snap open my eyes at Miller’s question. My fake husband leans against the short wall that separates the entryway from the living room. And to be perfectly honest, he looks like he just stepped out of one of my mother’s books.
    Just what I need right now. A brutal reminder of how huge and hot he is, and how he’s probably as sick of this stuff as I am.
    His dark hair is cut short, still rumpled from his nap. His black shirt hugs his broad chest like a second skin. So do the black jeans, and even in his socks, you could just eat him up. Whipped cream optional.
    The worst part is, it’s a normal, almost boring look. How can that be sexy?
    Hell if I know, but it is. Something hums in my veins I’ve never felt before, this heated rush that has far too much to do with Mr. Rush and not the adrenaline attack of the past twenty-four hours.
    I try to nod. My name rolls off his tongue like warm caramel drips down the side of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    His bright-blue eyes no longer look so tired, so worn out. Now they have a shine to them.
    There’s more, too. He’s concerned. Rightfully so.
    This guy and his twins are on the lam. That’s got to bother him deeply. Heck, I’m not even him, this isn’t my mess, and it’s not any easier for me.
    If only that were true. Because I went and made it my mess when I let Manny talk me into helping Miller Rush twice.
    I push off the door, hating how flustered I must look. “I’m fine. Let’s just eat.”
    “Hoped you’d say that. It’s ready.”
    He doesn’t have to remind me. My entire house has never smelled this good in my life. It pales even compared to the time I tried to cook a whole turkey dinner for Mother and her happy little M.E. Court team. She wound up rushing to my rescue. Turns out my cooking skills are far more impressive in my head.
    Maybe I’m dreaming this. An overly handsome, wildly sexy stranger in my house has just cooked up a fabulous meal from my meagerly supplied cupboards. That’s more than a dream.
    It’s a flipping fairy tale.

    Author Bio:
    Nicole Snow is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. She found her love of writing by hashing out love scenes on lunch breaks and plotting her great escape from boardrooms. Her work roared onto the indie romance scene in 2014 with her Grizzlies MC series.
    Since then Snow aims for the very best in growly, heart-of-gold alpha heroes, unbelievable suspense, and swoon storms aplenty. With over a million books sold, she lives for the joy of making two people fight with every bit of their soul for a Happily Ever After.
    Current fan favorites include her Enguard Protectors series, accidental love novels, plus long beloved MC romance thrillers like the Grizzlies and Deadly Pistols.