Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday!
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke And The Brookish. Who doesn't love lists. They make life easy! And fun!! It's always a never ending topic.

This week's topic is:
Top ten things that make our life as blogger easier/better

1. Goodreads - I couldn't live without it. I use goodreads to write most of my posts. It keeps me up on new books, it has a fantastic community. I've met many new friends from goodreads, plus I've added a million book to my TBR list because of fellow bloggers, and goodreads friends.

2.  Netgalley and Edelweiss - these sites are amazing for getting new advanced ebooks to read. Yet in my case I can't seem to say no. They have an amazing selection and essential to my blogging. I love seeing what's coming out next.

3. E-readers - I have a couple one kindle keyboard that I use to read 90% of the time then I have the new hd fire but with all the nifty apps it's easy for me to get distracted. I can't imagine not having a reader, or having to read on my iphone ugh.

4. Other Bloggers - my blog wouldn't exist if not for other bloggers. I wouldn't have known to even start one or how to go about it. I've learned a lot from stalking and reading posts. I love the whole blogger community.

5. My husband - If not for having a wonderful understanding husband who let's me stay home and spoils me rotten I wouldn't have the time to read or need for all the books I've got. However one day I'm sure he's going to say I have enough books and no more till I read what I've got. I'm afraid that conversation is coming sooner than later.

6. Planner & coffee- I can't live without it
her. I need the coffee to get going early in the morning and my planner keeps me on track.

7. Bookmarks - I can never have enough.They have helped curb my habit of bending a corner. I've become the collector.

8. My TBR Jars - They have put the fun back in reading. I was really burned out but now it's fun to pick a piece of paper and have a surprise book to read.

9. Journal - I've always got a notebook/journal with me to keep a record of my blog thoughts, reading thoughts or anything else bookish. I won't leave the house without my blog journal as I like to call it.

10. Books - What would I do without them. I would be at a loss without all my amazing books. I only have two book shelves but that's because our old apartment didn't have the space. I've got two more to set up, and since this pic I've added a few hundred that are stacked high on the shelf on the right.

What are your top ten this week?


  1. I love the TBR jar idea. I'm doing something very similar soon. :-) Goodreads is awesome. I don't know what I'd do without it!