Friday, July 1, 2016

June Re-cap 2016

June Re-cap 2016
What happened in June @ TRD

June was better than May as far as reading. 

I did a bunch of crafty stuff this month. 
My amazing husband surprised me with a new Mac Book Pro still taking time to get used to it. 
I had my first chance of canning and I have tons of stuff. I also started a cross stitch project. 

Currently I'm at 113 for the year. I read 19 and I'm behind by 11 but hope to fix that next month. 

Read in June

July Goals
I'm coming off of a book slump so shooting for 20 books. 
More commenting and bookish networking 
Read a manga a day. 


Started an fun challenge on Instagram #JulyBookandCoffee 
I love coffee and books this will let me share my love of both. 
Follow Me (Here)
Still a instagram addict. It's been a great outlet for me. 
Stop by say hi and don't forget to follow me =D

July TBR
Ive got a big list so far but I'm hoping to be ambitious.

What are you goals for the new month?

Have a great month!!!!


  1. I hope your canning and cross-stitch projects turn out well. I’m impressed that you’ve already read 113 books. I think I’ve read 54 so far. Happy July!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. You amaze me. You did all that stuff and still read all those books?? WOW. :-)
    Happy July!

  3. Armada and Titans are both so good! And a new Macbook! Yay! I've read over 100 books so far this year, and that is way ahead for me at this time of year.
    Check out my June Wrap-Up Post