Friday, July 8, 2016

Book Beginnings on Friday & The Friday 56

Book Beginnings on Friday & The Friday 56
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I haven't read a lot in the last week or so due to working on a cross stitch program. 

My Current read is: 

by Nadine Travers
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Share the first sentence of your current read and post it.

I watched the woman as she ran through McGill University campus. 

Grab a book turn to page 56 or 56% share a sentence or a few

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."I tried to apologize but the Director would have none of it. 
"Stop, Miss Azura. They are the ones who have to behave. If not, I will stay between you and them."
My breathing was normal again; my emotions were finally in control.
"I'm fine now."
She nodded at me, and looked at them again.
"That's only a part of her magic. Without control, she could crush you-werewolf or not, so stop being bullies and talk like reasonable people. Will you?"

Deep in the underbelly of Montreal, an ancient evil stirs at the time of the Black Moon. Rumors dark as night seep into the public, spoken in hushed tones, as though those who speak are afraid to make the horrors they whisper of come alive. 

Azura, a student of witchcraft, wakes up to find her room empty. On her way to class, she finds out that her roommate has been murdered and that the Supernatural Intelligence Agency has been called in. With them comes Rook, the lead investigator, whom Azura finds herself helplessly drawn to. But while Azura is human, Rook is a werewolf, and their romance is as forbidden as it is strong. 

As the darkness draws nigh on the city, it falls on Rook and Azura to protect it—and themselves. 
What teasers do you have this week?


  1. Probably not a book for me, but thanks for sharing...and enjoy! Here's mine: “IN TWENTY YEARS”

  2. This sounds good. I'm an urban fantasy fan but haven't heard of this book before. I'm working my way through TBR mountain and landed on Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas this week. Happy reading!

  3. LOL I'm quite familiar with McGill, so the beginning pulled at me. Happy weekend!

  4. Sounds great and a bit creepy. One for my reading list!

    My Friday 56 from Scar Tissue