Friday, July 22, 2016

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This Week's Prompt:

What are two of your favorite book to movie adaptions?

I feel like everyone who has read this duo will pick them. However, they are one of the best books to movie duo's 

Jurassic Park & Lost World by Michael Crichton

Before the Jurassic Park came out my dad and I read the book same with Lost World 

We own all the movies because they are frequently watched in our house and I have a special edition of the books. I feel the need to binge watch them today. 
My only movie complaint is that the movie is missing my favorite dinosaurs from the second one. I had hoped to see them in the movie but hasn't happened yet. Maybe the next one. 
This week was a little tough what is your most interesting bookish memory or experience?.


  1. I LOVED watching Jurassic Park movies when I was small and loved Jurassic World! But I never read the books. Maybe I'll give it a chance if I come across the books in a store.
    Old GFC, Bloglovin' and Instagram follower.
    Here's My FF

  2. OOh nice! I never did read this one, though I do love the movie! Still get scared with that kitchen scene! Even after all these years! LOL! I wish B&N would make a snazzy edition like this out of Jaws! LOL.

    Great pick!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. The Jurassic Park movies are good -- I have no idea why I've never gotten around to reading the books!

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    Bloodthirsty Muses

  4. These were great films! I didn't get introduced to them until I was in college because they hadn't appealed to me until then, and my roommate forced me to watch Jurassic Park. :)

  5. Jurassic Park. Good movie, never read the book. Following on Bloglovin.

  6. We love watching the Jurassic Park movies. I've never gotten around to reading the books.

    Bookworm Mom

  7. I just love the Jurassic Park movies! I still watch them to this very day! Here’s my FF!

    Old Follower

  8. What did you think of Jurassic Park World - that's the new one right? It was so awful, but in kind of a lovable fun way. That's my opinion at least.

    1. I actually enjoyed it but I love all the cheese Jurassic Park movies. I still can't get over how she ran from a T-Rex in high heels. It makes me giggle every time I watch it. I do love Chris Pratt with the Raptors they are my favorite part.