Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Manga Review: Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 6

Title - Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 6
Author - Matsuri Akino
Series - Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 6
Genre - Manga horror
Published - May 4th 2004
Publisher - TokyoPop
Format - eBook
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"Discovery" - When Count D and Detective Orcot are abducted by an infamous group of Peruvian terrorists, they find themselves bound, gagged and held at gunpoint deep in the jungles of South America. With one chance at survival, Leon will have to put his faith in Count D...and a mysterious jaguar named Lisa. "December" - 'Twas the night before Christmas, and under the house a creature was stirring, far worse than a mouse. Young Chris has the blues, he's full of despair, for his family is fighting, and the count doesn't care. So who should he meet on this Christmas so drear, but a three-headed dragon with a temper severe. And when this dragon gets angry on behalf of his friend, the entire city's at risk - will this be the end? "Distance" - The youngest daughter in a family of musicians, Catherine's all set to follow her mother's path and become a world-famous pianist. Not that Catherine has ever shown much interest in it. However, when a new pet seems to inspire Catherine and improve her skill at the ivories, her family takes notice. But will her music bring forth laughter...or tears? This volume also contains a "Flowers and the Detective" side story. "Flowers and the Detective, Part 3" - When Count D receives a parcel from his grandfather, the suspicious Detective Orcot is disappointed to discover that the most dangerous part of this package is a Japanese kimono decorated with cherry blossoms. However, this robe has a surprisingly violent story to tell. After all, cherry blossoms are the same color as blood...


Pet Shop of Horror revolves around a magical pet shop in Chinatown that just happens to sell pet’s that aren’t like your everyday pet. Each volume is divided into a chapters and each chapter tells a single story of an encounter with this pet shop. Some end up happy while others not so much. 

In the 6th installment Count D and Leon are taken by a group of men who hope that Count D will be the key to finding what has eluded them for so long. Leon will have to trust Count D or he may never have the chance to bring him in. As if being kidnapped by terrorists wasn’t enough next Chris who is Leon’s younger brother has an encounter with a magical three headed dragon. Dangerous creatures are all around but even with the darkness there is till light like the girl who doesn’t want to play piano and saves a puppy. 

I’m hooked on Pet Shop of Horrors it’s written as a series of short stories which have a larger story surrounding them. It’s this creepy concept of a pet shop that happens to not sell traditional pets. Each of the pets really fits into the owner life giving them exactly what they needed at that point in their life and some may not end happy ever after. I have to admit I enjoyed the concept it’s unique and fascinating I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what would happen next. I’m anxious to read the next book so we can learn more about the pet shop but to see what comes out it’s door next. While it may not be a super popular one it’s worth checking out the chapters are perfect for a quick little way to break up the day or just binge reading.  

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