Monday, June 6, 2016

Book Review: The Other Side of Someday

Title - The Other Side of Someday
Author - T.K. Leigh
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Format - Kindle Review Copy
Published - June 6th 2016
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You know how you always say "Someday I will"?
Well, I’ve hit my someday.
Someday begins today.

Baylee Morgan is at a crossroads of her life. Leaving her marriage of ten years and the only life she’s ever known, she starts over in a penthouse ocean-front condo in Santa Monica, California. She soon finds herself immersed, albeit reluctantly, in the daunting and perilous world of dating as an almost thirty-something in Los Angeles, unsure of how to act, what to do, or whether that hot guy she meets in yoga class is straight.

Sebby Powers’ dream has always been to work in the film industry. At the age of thirty-five, he’s one of the youngest up-and-coming producers in Hollywood. His life is perfect. Perfect apartment. Perfect girlfriend. Perfect dog. Until a friendship with a beautiful new woman with vibrant red hair and a similar taste in cheesy movies throws his perfect life into a tailspin.

The Other Side Of Someday is a fun, sexy story of looking for Mr. Right in a world full of Mr. Wrongs, when Mr. Right could be just next door.
I received The Other Side of Someday in return for an honest review from the Author. Baylee needs a change of scenery so she packs up all her belongings and moves across the country to L.A. Leaving behind her cheating ex-husband but at least she got the dog Sport with her. Thanks to her inheritance finding a job isn’t really a need so she can take the time she needs to find herself, maybe write a book. Even though she has just gotten to L.A. on her first walk she has a chance encounter which will change her life forever.

Befriended by a girl in her building Baylee joins in on game night finding a whole group of new friends giving her some support in the big city she’s only started to explore. Every morning Baylee takes Sport for a walk hoping to see the attractive guy with the dog as the two keep meeting up she can’t deny the attraction. When she finds out that he’s the one in the other penthouse and has a girlfriend he is determined to be just friends. As they spend more and more time together can a guy and girl be just friends?

I adore Baylee she’s just a sweet southern belle and I felt I could really connect with her right from the start. She grew up never getting to meet her mom but her mom left her something very special a diary that helps her on her new path of self-discovery. I love Sebby he is exactly what she needs at this point in her life not a boyfriend but an honest best friend to help her learn to live. Besides I’ve always thought that best friends may the best soulmates because you don’t have all the relationship pressure. I love the chemistry between the two it just works so well, and I adore both of them so much.

I hate to admit I’ve been reading this one for a few days’ real life keeps getting in the way recently but I finally had a chance to sit down and finish The Other Side of Someday and wow!!!!!! The story captured my heart I fell in love with Baylee and Sebby they just are so perfect for each other. Poor Baylee has a bad luck with guys but at least she had her best friend Sebby to support her while she encountered each crazy date scenario. I love that the story is about friendship that turns into romance it’s the way I think it should be. I love the mix of humor, romance and even a little emotional moments mixed throughout the book. Thanks to Baylee’s mom I now have an intense desire to create my own bucketlist. I truly loved the authors writing style it’s beautifully done and the story made me teary a few times. This is my first novel by the author but won’t be my last I can’t wait to see what else is available. This is one of my favorite sweet romance stories so far this year. I loved it so much!!!!!

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  1. Ahh great review now I really want to check this book out after reading your review, it really looks and sounds absolutely amazing plus I love friendship turned into romance as well. Thank you for your awesome post.