Sunday, July 31, 2016

Book Review: Pennies

Title - Pennies
Author -  Pepper Winters
Series -  Dollar #1 
Genre -  Dark Romance
Published - July 20th 2016
Format - Kindle Review Copy
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Two covers each unique. I can't decide which I like better. 

"I'm not the hero in this story, girl. You'd do best to remember that."

At eighteen years old, I was murdered. 

I wish my tale ended there. 

However, my killer resuscitated me and sold me to the highest bidder, sentencing me to a world worse than Hell.

For the past two years, I've lived a life of torment as a man's property. I suffer in silence and wish for freedom, but I never break.

I can't.

I won't.

But then he arrives.

The first stranger since I was killed.

Elder Prest, a thief with a heart as black as his soul, arrives as a guest in our twisted home. He has business with my owner, but his interest lies in me. He pretends not to notice my bruises and hides his knowledge of what I am, but the way he watches me makes me feel more human than possession.

As his eyes tear through my walls and his voice demands answers, he challenges my owner for one night with me. 

I've survived two years of torment because I no longer believe in hope, but Elder is the only man who promises me pleasure instead of pain.

Trusting him is dangerous, wanting him is deadly.

Is he my ticket to safety or my ultimate end?

Whoever he is, whatever he wants...I can't say no. 
 I received Pennies in return for an honest review from the author. 
Tasmin may not have had the best childhood growing up but she did what she needed to do to survive because that is who she is. On the night of her murder and rebirth everything she new changed taken from her mother thrust into a world she’d only heard of. Tasmin is now known as Pimlico forced into the world of human trafficking sold to the highest bidder as a slave. 

Now known as Pim she is taken by a man who’s whole house is nothing but white, and now is his new prized possession. While Pim is determined to not let Master A have all of her buy refusing to speak at any cost. To keep that piece of herself she will have to survive what Master A has in store for her but it just may to be much for her. Her only glimmer of hope is when a dark stranger shows and after a night with her will he be able to leave her knowing what her future holds?

I love Pim she’s this girl who’s survived unimaginable pain and assault but while most would have given up she still holds that piece of herself. I kept hoping she would get the chance to get away but it never happened clearly he wasn’t her first slave girl. I like Elder way more than I should have because while he’s not a good guy he’s also not the same kind of bad guy that Master A is. They both have issues but maybe together they can find what they need to make each other whole again. 

Pennies isn’t my typical read I tend to avoid books that have a darker abusive theme to them. I knew going into it would be tough but after getting a chance to know Pim I knew I had to see how it would play out her moment of finally tasting freedom. Pim’s story is an emotional roller coaster but captures your soul stealing a spot in my heart. I just really connected with Pim on a deeper level and I actually can’t stop talking about her story. Pennies is an emotional read it had parts that made me choke up with tears but I pushed on and I’m glad I did. I found the authors writing style while even telling this dark haunting story beautiful it’s just so easy to get lost in the words. I can say without a doubt Pim’s story is one that will be sticking with me for a while. I honestly enjoyed the Pennies way more than I ever expected to. I’m anxiously waiting for the next installment because I want to know what happens with Pim and Elder. 

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