Saturday, January 7, 2017

Manga Review: Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 9

Title - Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 9
Author - Matsuri Akino
Series - Pet Shop of Horrors Vol 9
Genre - Manga horror
Published - November 2nd 2004
Publisher - TokyoPop
Format - eBook
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Four more stories of pets from Count D's Pet Shop, which sells "Love and Dreams" in the forms of magical creatures. Illustrations.


Pet Shop of Horror revolves around a magical pet shop in Chinatown that just happens to sell pet’s that aren’t like your everyday pet. Each volume is divided into chapters and each chapter tells a single story of an encounter with this pet shop. Some end up happy while others not so much. We have a few main characters Count D who runs the shop of Leon who is the detective who is determined to figure out what Count D is doing in the shop.

In the 9th installment, Leon is still determined to catch Count D in something illegal. In this installment, we have a Tiger who will choose the next leader of the Mafia, a little girl's pets are all murdered only to find out that she may be the cause. Each story tells just a little more about Count D and Leon but also gives an interesting looking into the pet shop animals. 

I’m hooked on Pet Shop of Horrors it’s written as a series of short stories which have a larger story surrounding them. It’s this creepy concept of a pet shop that happens to not sell traditional pets. Each of the pets really fits into the owner life giving them exactly what they needed at that point in their life and some may not end happily ever after. I have to admit I enjoyed the concept it’s unique and fascinating I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what would happen next. I like that each story is different some are sweet while others are tragic and downright scary. It’s an interesting concept with a unique spin that I’m just addicted too. I highly recommend. 

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