Monday, January 30, 2017

Book Review: Dragon Hunter

Title - Dragon Hunter 
Author - Carina Wilder 
Series - Dragon Hunter #1 
Genre - Urban Fantasy Dragons 
Published - March 11th 2016 
Format - Kindle freebie
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A menace lurks on London streets: the Lapsed, a hybrid between a shifter and something far more malicious. Their kind may look human, but the creatures are anything but. And Hunter Neko Sands is one of the few who can take them on. But of course, she has yet to confront her greatest challenge. 
It's during one of her hunts that she meets the man with the aqua eyes, who stirs feelings in her that she can't begin to hide, even from herself. And when a strange client comes to her with a new assignment to hunt down one of the legendary Kindred, she thinks she's struck gold. That is, until she realizes who it is that she's up against. 
How does a woman kill the thing that she wants most in the world?


Neko is a hunter she get's paid for her work, but even though she's off the clock she has to stop the Lapsed ones. Which is exactly how she caught the attention of a dragon she saved him from a Lapsed one at least she thought she was. Neko can't deny there was something about the shifter stranger, and when she is hired to assassinate the Kindred leader of the dragons she has a feeling that it might just be the same stranger. Neko isn't a killer, but for the right price will she change who she is and kill the man she only saved days before? 

I like Neko she's a knife-wielding bad-ass, who's special gifts make her able to see the Lapsed ones and protect the innocent shifters. I wasn't sure about our silver dragon at first as he used his magic to enhance Neko's emotions a little. However, as the book progressed he kind of grew on me as he has good intentions. 

I've had this one on my kindle for a while but never got around to it till now. I've been craving a good dragon shifter story which is just what I got from Dragon Hunter. It's a quick paced action packed story with just enough steamy moments to leave you wanting more. The characters are great I honestly loved Neko she's such a good person and easy to connect with too. Dragon Hunter is a captivating first installment in an exciting new dragon series that mixes magic and just enough romance. This is my first book by the author but I plan to read more as I enjoyed this one so much. 

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  1. This was a well written set of story,s and keep me wanting to read more, alas even I need sleep!

    Gretta Hewson
    Sleep Aid Gaba