Saturday, January 28, 2017

Book Review: A Werewolf Christmas

Title - A Werewolf Christmas 
Author - C.M. Stunich 
Genre - Young Adult Shifter 
Published - November 20th 2012 
Format - Kindle  
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"I'll be on all fours howling at the moon while you're eating sweet potatoes with marshmallows and sipping spiked eggnog."

Sylvia's parents have just dropped a bomb on her. A big one. A colossal one. When they told her she could open an early Christmas present, she never expected ears and a tail, especially not connected to her person. Sylvia is just fine with being boring, thank you very much, and she would certainly prefer not to spend Christmas howling at the moon. With the most important date of her life tied to the holiday, Sylvia's going to have to decide if she should tell her high school sweetheart the truth: I'm a werewolf.


Sylvia has a plan this Christmas is going to be perfect, Christmas eve with her family and dinner with his. How could their family meeting possibly go wrong. It all started to spiral out of control when her parents dropped the bomb on her that she was going to turn into a werewolf, by the full moon which just happens to be Christmas Night. Can Sylvia still have the Christmas with her boyfriend she wanted or will she end up revealing her furry side to everyone? 

I like Sylvia she's adorable with her keen fashion sense, and determination to have the perfect Christmas even if it means taping her tail to her leg. It's hard to not like her as her charm is infectious. I like Josiah he's perfect for her as he has a little werewolf addiction she's almost like a dream come true for him. 

I had this one on my holiday reading list but didn't get around to it till now. I like the concept for the werewolves they have a unique twist which I found refreshing. I like the characters they are easy to connect with you can't help liking them. A quick fast paced story that was hard to put down till the very end. I enjoyed stepping into Sylvia's world as she takes on being a werewolf over the holidays. This is my first book by the author but I look forward to reading more books by her, as her style is interesting. 

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  1. Short book but it is good. Great writer. Get to know the characters well. Teenage Drama to a whole new level.

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