Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Book Review: Hunter, Hunted

Title - Hunter, Hunted 
Author - Ashley Meira 
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Published - March 9th 2016
Format - Kindle  
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Talented witch and monster hunter extraordinaire, Morgan Maxwell has spent most of her life killing deadly paranormal creatures - and searching for any information related to the mother who disappeared from her life when she was four. Following a deadly encounter, Morgan is stuck on bed rest in her hometown and has resigned herself to a few months of binging on TV shows.

But when a straightforward murder investigation takes an even worse turn with the discovery of another body - one that leaves Morgan brokenhearted and lusting for revenge - she's forced to do something she never wanted to do: work with the sexy and insufferably sweet man who came to put her in handcuffs - and not in the fun way.

Oh, and she has to kick a ton of bad guy ass, but that's something she's always happy to do.


Morgan has been hanging out at home healing after a brutal showdown a few months ago forced her to take a much needed-break. She may be a little focused on finding out more about her mother but she didn't cause the attack that has sent the hunter to her door. As if she doesn't have enough going on with being seen committing murder, her adopted mother is also found murdered in the house just next door on Morgans watch. 

Morgan needs to find out who killed Lady Maxwell, as well as framed her for the murders before another body turns up. Forced to work with the man who was set to arrest her she also has the help of her partner and demon lover they may just be able to catch them before something more sister happens. 

I didn't like Morgan at first she was very frustrating as she so quickly made a new friend in Alex the man who was supposed to arrest her. She slowly grew on me as the book progressed but wouldn't say I loved her in the end. I liked Rowan she's an interesting supporting character even if she's not in the body of a talking cat. 

I've had Hunter, Hunted on my wishlist forever and decided to take a chance and maybe I had my expectations to high. I loved the urban fantasy idea, the world is interesting and the idea of 4 cities but also living in the normal world. I honestly didn't love Morgan she was hard to connect with and a little frustrating. I also wasn't a fan of her voracious sex drive it was a little unnecessary but at least the author hides it so it doesn't overwhelm the story. The story itself is fast paced action packed and full of twists to the very end. Hunter, Hunted just wasn't for me, and I feel bad because it's my kind of book. I really wanted to love it but we don't love every book we read. I still suggest checking it out just because I didn't love it doesn't mean you won't. 

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