Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Book Review: The Sea Queen

Title - The Sea Queen 
Author - Jovee Winters 
Series - The Dark Queens #1 
Genre - Fantasy Romance 
Published - June 15th 2015
Format - Kindle freebie
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Calypso, Queen of the Seas, is mad. Spitting mad. Ghosts of the dead are fouling her waters. She wants this problem fixed, and she wants it fixed now. Rushing off in search of Hades, Lord of the Underworld, to demand answers, she’s soon shocked to discover him bound and standing trial before a jury of his peers—for nothing less than murder. 

Calypso normally despises the beastly gods, all of them, but there’s something about seeing Hades bound as he is that gives her an evilly clever idea. Tired of being a virgin queen, she wishes to shed that boring image once and for all, and no one seems quite as fit for the task as the gorgeous and brooding Hades. Of course, there is the minor problem of murder to deal with, but Calypso is bound and determined to have her way. 

And when a dark queen gets an idea, nothing and no one can stand in her way


Ghosts of the dead have filled Calypso's waters sending her racing into Hades realm where the gates of hell are closed. She finds that Hades is being accused of murdering Persephone which will give Zeus the upper hand to his brother. Seeing Hades as more than a god she seems him as an end to her virgin goddess card. After all, it's only two weeks while Themis decides if he is guilty perfect for what Calypso has planned. 

Returning to her waters with Hades as her prisoner she's determined to take full advantage of her next two weeks with her new sex slave but the more time she spends with Hades she finds herself growing more attached and she isn't the only one falling in love either. As the two weeks come to an end it will be up to Calypso to save her free her dead boy or lose him forever if Zeus has his way.

I adore Calypso she's just the cutest thing when she talks. She may be a primordial goddess older than the Olympians but she still talks like she's so innocent and young. We are given a chance to see Hades in a new light, not as the dark sinister lord of Hell but a true gentleman who's just perfect for Calypso. I also enjoyed seeing Themis and Aphrodite are woven throughout the story they bring a little charm to the story. 

I picked this one up on my kindle a while ago but haven't been in the mood for a mythology story until recently. The author has taken two characters who may not have been the heroes in their story adding her own twists and giving them a happy ever after. I wasn't sure what to expect since I'm not super familiar with Calypso but she blew me out of the water. It's hard to not just love her character she's a total sweetheart even if she's a tiger in the bedroom. I loved seeing a new side of Hades he's not what I expected but it works and learning he's actually a gentleman who wanted to do right by Persephone. I really enjoyed the author's storytelling she has created a beautiful enchanting story that captured my heart. I truly enjoyed every page, finding it hard to put down and a little sad when it ended. I highly recommend if you are looking for a unique happy ever after that will make you smile than The Sea Queen is a must. 


  1. interesting take on mythlogical stories. super cool story too

  2. Oh, this sounds so good I added it to my TBR. Thanks so much!