Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Book Review: Sunrise Kisses

Title - Sunrise Kisses 
Author - Krista Lakes 
Series - The Kisses #8 
Genre - Contemporary Romance 
Published - January 30th 2015 
Format - eBook
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Ava Fairchild needed to get away. 

After walking in on her cheating ex-boyfriend, she was delighted when her appraisal company was given a job in the Caribbean. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to appraise Sebastian Belrose's billion-dollar estate seemed to be exactly what she needed to relax and enjoy herself. 

A walk to the beach at dawn gave her a first impression of the paddle boarding billionaire himself. He was reserved and mysterious, yet had a firey temper when pushed. His evasiveness and the fact that he forbade her from traveling to his Study just added to his allure, while simultaneously reminding her about the secrets that destroyed her last relationship. Still, every sunrise that they shared together made her fall more desperately in love with him. 

But Bastian had a reason for keeping to himself. And as Ava saw the scars that criss-crossed his body, she knew that what she had found was a soul not unlike herself. A man who had been damaged. A man who deserved to trust. A man that deserved to love, and to be loved. Would this beauty be able to tame the beast, or would they be left with just memories of sunrise kisses?


Ava just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her with the waitress, only she can't get away from him because he works with her aunt. Thankfully a new client will pull her out of town, away from her ex-boyfriend who isn't willing to let her go, and giving her a much needed break. Arriving in the Caribbean is a little slice of heaven, a chance to relax and spend time doing what she loves with art. 

Ava's trip isn't going as smoothly as she would like with her father having heart issues, and he's forced to leave the island to seek medial attention. Left alone with a time crunch to finish her appraisal she finds herself spending time with Bastian the billionaire who hired her family's company. The more time they spend together the more they find themselves drawn to each other but they each have a past and Ava's doesn't want to let her go. Will she find a place with Bastian or return to her previous life? 

I like Ava as a character because she loves sunrises over the ocean, art and can scramble an egg. I think Bastian is a perfect complement to Ava, as he wasn't always the rich boy and has good intentions. I think the chemistry between this pair is sizzling they are just so drawn to each other. We are giving a little chance to see Charlotte her new friend and Bastian's assistant and she's like his sister. 

I found Sunrise Kisses at the end of another of the authors books and had to read it because I'm such a huge fan of the author's sweet steamy romance. While Sunrise Kisses is your traditional hard working girl meets handsome billionaire playboy. The story is beautifully written it tells is an enchanting story about two broken people finding a love and their happy ever after. I love that Sunrise Kisses has a story to it with just enough romance and steamy moments between the character to create an amazing story. I found the book hard to put down and almost stayed up all night to finish. I look forward to reading more books by the author.

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