Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Bookish Resolutions Progress Report (Jan & Feb)

2015 Bookish Resolutions Progress Report 

I didn't do this in January so I'm going to lump it in with February and do them together. I can see I have a lot of reading and blog stuff to do this month. I'm hopeful that I should be able to get some headway on my list. 

Goal 1 ~At least 24 Netgalley Books - So far I've read only 1 Seeker - Not doing to hot on getting up my terrible % hopefully I will get in a few this month. 

Goal 2 ~ How I stand currently on my 2015 Reading Challenges - Some are better than others. 

New to you / New Author / Reading Assignment / No Book Buying 
I've worked it so these four challenges will use the same books.
Currently I have 4 of the goal of 24 done. 

Netgalley & Edelweiss 
Fur & Fangs 
4 of 24

Witches & Witchcraft
2 of 24

None yet


2014 Debut

long time on my shelf 

Series catch up 
Paranormals so far

No Discussion posts yet either eek

Organization challenge 
still have a lot of reviews and what not to update I do have over 2k posts....yikes this might be a end of year goal. 

Goal 3 ~ Comment more - I've been working hard on this one and I feel I'm getting better and better each day. 

Goal 4 ~ Bookish Craft Projects - Nothing yet but I'm going to change that this month. 

Goal 5 ~ Started out the year doing PIYO but than the hubby left town for work. My crazy needy puppy doesn't do well when I leave the house and tried to eat the door so I was stuck home. I did get them both leaders so we can walk but than she ate a ball and had to have surgery to remove it. Once she's better we will start walking daily. 


  1. So much going on for you but you are doing great in your challenges. It's only March you have plenty of time to get to all the stuff you haven't gotten to yet :)

    Hope your March is super productive!!!

  2. You're doing so well in your challenges! I feel really behind now everyone is updating!