Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tell Me Tuesday & Tell me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Tuesday & Tell me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Tuesday

This is a weekly, bi-weekly depending on your reading style. 
Tell is what you are reading now, why and what you'll be reading from your tbr pile next and why you chose that book. 

I am currently reading  
A Tale of Red Riding Hood: Rise Of The Werewolf Huntress 
by Neo Edmund
I'm only about 20% in but I am planning on trying to finish it tonight while the hubby plays a little call of duty or baseball. 
I picked this one up as a kindle freebie a long while ago and when I showed the hubby my kindle with all the pretty color covers he picked this one out. 

Up next 
Escapement by Ciara Knight
I received this one for review but I've started it a couple of times but not been in the right mindset and didn't think that was fair for a review. 

Tell Me Something Tuesday

This is a weekly discussion post over at Rainy Day Ramblings and I've been trying to do more discussion posts so I want to take part. 

This weeks question
What are some things that annoy you in books?

I typically can find the good in almost all books. I don't mind love triangles but i prefer to avoid them because someone always ends up getting hurt and I don't like my characters in books to get hurt. 

I also hate cliffhangers purely for the fact that I have to wait forever for the next one to come out. However this one is one I'm sure everyone can agree with who enjoys waiting for the next book. 

I don't care for main characters who are prissy and can't take care of themselves. Those that shut down when something happens. I don't read them very often. I mean I like when a guy takes care of the girl and protects her chivalry isn't dead in my mind but i hate weak minded characters annoy me. 

How about you?

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