Saturday, March 21, 2015

Book Beginnings on Friday & The Friday 56

Book Beginnings on Friday
hosted by Rose City Reader 

Share the first sentence of your current read and post it. 

I'm currently reading L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad - Goodreads I haven't started this one yet but I will be shortly it's the book for my reading challenge. 

Jane Roberts leaned against her dresser, studying the way her white silk nightie looked against her sun-kissed skin. Her loose blond curls cascaded softly over her shoulders as she pretended not to be interested in the guy in her bed.
“Come over here—or am I going to have to come get you?”
Jane smiled mischievously at the ground, then raised her face to him, staring into his chocolate brown eyes.

The Friday 56
hosted by Freda's Voice 

I'm getting ready to start this one. It's been on my kindle for ages. 
 L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad - Goodreads

The spa was located on a small, shaded street that broke off of Melrose, amid plush trees, rows of boutiques, and one-man valets.

I kind of think a day at the spa sounds about perfect. 

What teasers do you have this week?

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