Saturday, January 22, 2022

My Cover Addiction


I've always been addicted to beautiful covers. I'm notorious for picking books based on the cover alone. My TBR grows leaps and bounds everyday because of so many amazing book covers I come across daily? I felt like this was a great way to share my growing addiction of book covers. My goal for 2022 is to share as many as I can and maybe you'll find something that catches you're fancy as much as they caught mine. 

This one is actually a book that's been on my TBR list for what feels like forever. I picked up the ebook when it had the original cover which I think is beautiful. It's gotten a new cover which is gorgeous. I wanted to share both of them. 

Without further ado 


New cover


by J.A. Armitage 


As the second-born heir to the royal family, I never expected to take the throne. But then someone kills my sister, leaving the job to me. And before I can rule, I must marry.

Enter one-hundred of the kingdom’s most eligible bachelors. They all want to win my hand and the power that comes with it. But I only have eyes for one. A servant boy. They’ll never accept our love, especially since he was born of the Magi—a race of despised and oppressed magic users.

So I go along with their charade, all the while looking for a way to change our fates…

What if fairy tales don’t always end in happily ever after? What if, instead, of riding off into the sunset with my heart’s true prince, I am condemned to a loveless future of servitude to a kingdom I never wanted to claim?

What do you think of these covers? How about the synopsis?  

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