Saturday, January 15, 2022

Book Review: A Mechanic's Worst Nightmare


Title - A Mechanic's Worst Nightmare 

Author - S B Biddinger 
Series - Wes and Oz Mystery #2
Genre - Cozy Mystery Detective 
Published - 
Format - Paperback
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It was a beautiful Saturday morning and Wes and Oz, his four legged buddy, were going to one of Wes’s favorite car shows at the Old Penitentiary. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky that was until Wes turned the key and fired up his ‘58 Thunderbird nicknamed “The Bird”. As the engine roared to life a large black cloud of smoke spewed out the exhaust. Unfortunately, Willy, Wes’s favorite mechanic, who knew every nut and bolt on the Bird, was away on vacation. It was Wes’s friend Jeff who recommended he take it to his mechanic, Muffin. It had been a couple of days since Wes had heard from Muffin so he decided to take Oz and pay a visit and check on their progress. He thought it was strange as the bay doors were wide open, music was blaring out from the shop but there was no one in sight. Wes spotted the Bird in the middle bay with its hood up and decided to venture out into the garage and look to see work was being done. Suddenly Oz started barking at the old Studebaker parked in the last bay. Wes was familiar with that bark and the hairs on the back of his neck immediately stood up on end. “Holy crap, what have we gotten ourselves into again?” he remarked to Oz. Detective Miller, an old college buddy, had Muffin in his sights as his number one suspect. But Jeff was sure his mechanic, Muffin, was innocent of the crime. He begged Wes to investigate and exonerate her. He even resorted to Wes’s weakness offering to pay him with a years supply of Betty’s amazing apple fritters. How could he refuse such an offer? With the support from Marti, the love of his life, Wes uncovers a tangled web of deceit, twisted romance and suspicious criminal activities. With Oz as body guard what could go wrong?

Opening line 

It was almost midnight and the way my stomach was acting up I should known better than to eat Mad Mary's Cafe Diablo Chili from Hell. 


Wes is a private investigator who works on fraud cases for the state and insurance case he doesn't solve murders....except when his friend was murdered. He prefers his fraud cases with people watching instead of risking his life. When his regular mechanic is out of town he's forced to take Jeff's suggestion and take The Bird to his friend Muffin's shop.

 What should have been routine turns out wrong when Wes finds the body of one of the mechanics murdered in a classic car. Next thing he knows his friend is begging him to clear Muffins name and Marti isn't going to be happy about this one after almost being a casualty in the last murder case he solved. At least he won't be alone as he's always got Oz to watch his bad as he dives deep into solving the case. 

I love Wes he's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters but he's just so easy to connect with you can't help loving him. The cast of regular characters dance in and out between the pages as we get to learn more about them. I love the relationship between Marti and Wes it's adorable especially the way she wakes up in the mornings always makes me laugh. 

I totally thought I had this one figured out but he did it again totally didn't see it coming. I loved the twists and turns that kept me guessing till the very end and the final twist was the best. A Mechanics Worst Nightmare is another fantastic installment in Wes and Oz's adventures. I wish I had a dog as well trained as Oz I'm a little jealous. Totally recommend checking the series out. 

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