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Book Review: Death of Trailer Queen

Title - Death of a Trailer Queen 
Author - S B Biddinger 
Series - Wes and Oz Mystery #1 
Genre - Cozy Mystery Detective 
Published - September 24 2018
Format - Paperback
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It was a warm summer Saturday when Wes and his buddy Oz, a smooth coat collie, got ready for a day at the park. They were looking forward to checking out the vintage made American classic cars at the show and visiting with their friends. Little did he know by the end of the day his world would be turned upside down. His friend would have been murdered. Wes was a private investigator for the state and various insurance companies uncovering workman’s comp fraud. Over the years he had used keen observation skills, a camera from afar and a lot of patience to catch those perpetrators. However, he had never investigated a murder but this was his friend and he knew he had to find the killer. The more he uncovered the more danger he was in knowing that anyone on his list could be or was the killer. A trail of twisted clues would lead him through a world of deceit, drugs and broken hearts but with Oz at his side and the help from his friends he was able to…..

Opening line 

The night air was thick with humidity for this time of year causing my clothes to stick to my body. 


Wes is a private investigator who works on fraud cases for the state and insurance cases. He owns a classic T-Bird and attends the shows with his dog Oz and beautiful wife Marti. When suddenly his friend and fellow car club members is murdered he finds himself tasked to find who killed Ed. Wes doesn't investigate murders but after he stumbled feet first into this one he takes up the case to find his friends murder. 

I am not a murder mystery fan at all this one has been sitting on my shelf for ages and I hate to admit I still didn't get to it by the time the third book is out. Right off the bat I found Wes easy to connect with his reminds me a lot of my dad and I just loved him. Death of the Trailer Queen is the first installment in the series giving us a chance to get to know Wes even Marti his beautiful wife who works for the airline. We also are introduced to the reoccurring characters in the series which are all great.  

I honestly feel like I have to blame Wes for making me have a apple fritter addiction he enjoys them so much that I had to find a donut shop that makes amazing ones even though I know Betty's are better. I may have eaten pizza a couple of times due to the club meeting at the pizza join owned by a new members. 

I loved Death of a Trailer Queen it is a fast paced action packed steam detective story it kept me guessing till the very end. I was sure I had it all figured out, so sure that I would have bet money I had it figured out and boom blindsided and totally didn't see it coming. The story is beautifully written it was a hard to put down book and I ended up staying up late to finish it. Highly recommend you won't be disappointed with all the twists and turns. 

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