Friday, January 21, 2022

Foodie Friday!

My goal this year is each week to share a new recipe. Some I've tried from books, online others are my own creations. 

Tiramisu was on the agenda this week.

I feel like it was doomed right from the start as finding mascarpone cheese seemed to be missing from the shelves of all the grocery stores in the area. So I had to use cream cheese in the place. This was my first time whipping egg yolks and sugar over a double boiler to make a sabayon (custardy Italian sauce) I can see using this in other desserts in the future. 

Overall thoughts it was nice creamy sweet and loved the accents of coffee and chocolate. My munchkin was less than impressed and didn't want to eat it so sadly most of it ended up wasted. I want to try it again but with fruit because I feel like she may enjoy it. 

I decided to use this recipe (here) I found the instructions easy to follow and lots of helpful information as a first timer. 

Have you made a Tiramisu before? 

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