Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Review: More than a Werewolf

Title - More Than a Werewolf  
Author - Sara Summers  
Genre - YA Shifter 
Published December 4th 2016
Format eBook
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"My name is Leah, and I never planned on finding the other half of my soul at 19 years old. I didn’t think I’d end up co-leading a pack of wolves with said soulmate, either, but as a wolf shifter, I guess I shouldn’t have bothered planning my future anyway." 

Being raised to believe she was a member of the lesser gender in a world where humans and shifters coexist in peace, Leah is determined to change her people's culture. She'll give up anything to do so--even the other half of her soul, if that's what it takes to make a difference. 

Unfortunately for her, the other half of her soul is a stubborn Alpha, and he isn't nearly as ready to let her go as she is ready to let go of him. 

Between fighting off shifters and discovering what it really means to be someone's mate, something will change, and it's not the world. 

About the Shifty Series: 

11 girls... 11 stories. 

What happens in a world where humans and shifters live together in peace? Well... a lot, actually. In this series, you'll get just a glimpse of it. 

Each of these ladies is fighting for love and for change in their lives and the world around them. The books each stand on their own as every girl tells her story, and don't have to be read in any sort of order to be enjoyed. With a new love story and happily ever after in each book, this series will show you a new way to view shifters, one you may not have ever considered before. 

*These books are clean Young Adult/New Adult fiction and contain no explicit content. 

Leah has dreams, that don't include being tied down to a werewolf pack but that is all about to change when her mate shows up at the diner she's working at. Not only is he a werewolf but the future Alpha as well which would mean that Leah is now the Omega last wolf in the pack. She knows that isn't what she wants and attempts to push Ty away but he refuses to give up knowing that they are each one-half of a whole makes it hard for her to let him go. Only Ty is the only one who wants Leah but the leader of a rival wolf pack the Rockies has been hanging around following her.

When the Rockies Alpha requests they bring in Leah a car accident forces her to visit the pack she's been trying to avoid. However, while staying at Ty's house she learns the true meaning of an Omega not just the last wolf in the pack. Sweet Leah falls for the demands of the women and helps them escape the men who have forgotten how special they are. Can Leah teach the men to love their women again, or will they be gone forever? What happens if the Rockies alpha won't give up? Could it end in war? 

I like Leah right from the start she wants to do more with her life and thanks to her group of friends she has dreams for the future of the shifters. She's stubborn and determined not to give them up for her dreams of making changes for female shifters but she learns that she can do it with Ty and the pack. I like that we get little conversations between Leah and the other girls as they are going to each have their own stories. I like that it's also a clean sweet romance you don't find those very often. The author has taken the shifter concept put her own spin on it and created a beautiful series. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the girls get their happy ever afters as well. However, I think Leah will always hold a special place in my heart. 

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