Thursday, May 25, 2017

Book Review: More than Panther

Title - More Than a Panther
Author - Sara Summers  
Genre - YA Shifter 
Published December 4th 2016
Format eBook
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"I was always the strong one. I was independent, determined, and willing to do anything to get what I wanted. I’m not that girl anymore. Everything started to change when I ran from both my family and my mate." 

Savanna has been on the run from her family and her soulmate for the last 8 months, but everything changes when she goes back to her hometown for a funeral. A confrontation with the mafia (who just so happens to be her brother) goes south, and her soulmate is the only one who can protect her. Will she let him keep her safe, and will she let him into her heart? Only time will tell. 

Opening LIne
"Are you sure you want to go back?" Leah asked me. She was nervous enough for the both of us.

Savvy has spent the last few year running from her family, determined to get away from the mafia life which almost killed her. She's not just running from her family anymore, now she's also running from her mate, but has always been one step ahead. When her brother catches her at her friends funeral if not for her mate showing up things could have turned bad quickly. Now she's gone into hiding with her mate she doesn't know anything about him other than he's not trying to kill her. 

It's clear that Jordie wants to protect her at all cost but he's doing his best to keep it to just protection. They both have pasts but the more time she spends with the more she wants to know about him. Savvy finds that Jordie is just what she needs a good guy if only she can break into his shell they may just get the happy ever after. Well if they can avoid a vengeful brother who's determined to use Savvy to get what he wants. 

We had a chance to meet Savvy a little in the prior book but she really started to shine in her own book. Now is her chance to get her happy ever after even if she doesn't think she wants it just yet. I really like the chemistry between Savvy and Jordie it just works they are perfect for each other. 

I just finished the first one so I had to dive right into Savvy's story More Than A Panther. I really love the concept for the Shifty girls, it's a unique spin on shifters. The characters are easy to connect you can't help cheering them on, and I love a happy ever after. The author has created an exciting new world for her shifter girls to spread their wings and bring the shifter world into the modern day. I really enjoyed the authors writing style it's a captivating story that flows from start to finish. I've already got the next one on my Kindle and can't wait to read the next shifty girls story. Highly recommend for those looking for clean YA paranormal romance. 

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