Friday, May 19, 2017

Book Review: Last Hookup

Title - Last Hookup
Author - Luke Steel 
Genre - Romance
Published May 4th 2017
Format eBook
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I want more than a hookup...

I work hard, it's what I do. But going away on trips like this can make a guy lonely. Luckily, getting a girl into bed isn't a challenge for me. And when I saw her, I was sure she'd be like all the others.
I took her rough.
I screwed her so hard I think the whole hotel heard us.
Finding a willing one night stand is easy; it's shaking the girl off the next morning that's tough.
So when she nearly slips out the door without waking me up to say goodbye, I'm stunned. A beautiful woman who's independent enough to not cling to me? That's rare.
Now I can't stop thinking about her.
I'm aching for multiple months in bed with this woman but I've only got a few days before my trip is over. What if that's not enough to satiate my hunger?
Before I leave this city, I'm going to make her mine.
I want more than just a hookup.
And I'm going to get it.

Clark is in town for business he has no intentions of finding anything more. When he has a chance encounter with a girl instead of being a one night stand he can't get enough of her. Instead of having a one-night stand and getting back to the business at hand she's all he can think about. The attraction is mutual, a whirlwind fling turns into something more for both of them unexpectedly. When his time is up in town will he be able to let her go? 

Last Hookup is fast paced short, steamy whirlwind romance novel. The novel is told from the perspective of Clark who happens to be the guy which I thought was interesting. I admit that Clark comes off as a player but there is something different when he meets Sara it changes his life. This is my first book by the author and I really enjoyed it the characters are easy to connect with and you can't help cheering them on. The romance between Clark and Sara is steamy but also very sweet. I highly recommend for a steamy quick romance read that you check it out. 

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