Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Review: Beasts and Bff's

Title - Beasts and Bff's 
Author - Shannon Delany 
Genre - Fantasy 
Published Dec 17th 2010
Format eBook
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Meet Jessie Gillmansen as she realizes that things might not be what they seem in the town of Junction.

Jessie has gone for a run with two of her friends and while on the run they encounter something in the woods that isn't your typical animal. 

I have the whole series but I haven't read it yet but plan to really soon. I decided to start with the prequel so that I would have a little insight into who the main character is. I like Jessie a sweet character who cares about her friends even if they don't care for each other. This is a perfect little teaser as an introduction to the series. I'm looking forward to diving into the series. I also really enjoyed the authors writing style it's a short story but it flows smoothly and the story is captivating. 

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  1. This looks like a really interesting fantasy series -- I love it when authors release prequels so you can get a little taste of what's to come. Thanks for sharing!