Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Review; WereEagles Fear to Tread

Title - WereEagles Fear To Tread
Author - Lee Hayton
Series - Face the Music #1
Genre - Paranormal 
Published - February 5th 2017
Format - Kindle eBook
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Talk about knocking me down with a frickin' feather.
My name is Lou Lind and from the moment I stepped into Areanna and Lindsay Thea's living room, the stink of an unsolveable crime was hanging in the air. A smash and grab raid had prised their young son from his bedroom, and despite the shattered glass, the couple swore they'd slept through the whole thing. 

Fair enough. You can't cure stupid. 

But when I saw, plain as day, that Areanna was lying through her teeth, I knew I'd need to tackle her alone to sort out the cause of her son's kidnapping. And if following up this lead presents a challenge to my entire sense of reality? Well, so be it. The good peeps of NZ don't pay me a pittance just to keep my sanity buffed up to a nice shine. 

If you enjoy mysteries steeped in Urban Fantasy, you'll love the first joint venture in the Face the Music series from Lee Hayton and Paul C. Middleton.

Lou is a cop who's landed a case that won't be easy to solve and will lead her on a path that will change her future forever. A young boy has been kidnapped from his home the only clue a feather that belongs to an extinct bird. Following the trail of the feather, she finds herself encountering a giant bird shifter who happens to have the same feathers. Only to learn that the mother knew about the bird man the whole time. 

I like Lou she has a lot of potential as an urban fantasy character. I just don't think we got to know her well enough, and part of that is the story is just so short. I like the concept it's an interesting the idea for the wereeagles because they aren't your traditional shifters. I wanted to love WereEagles Fear to Tread but it was just ok, it needed more character building. To be fair it's short only 35 pages so you can't get too deep but I wanted more. I'm curious to see how the next one will play out as with Lou's future and may just check it out. 

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