Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Review: Dark Side of the Moon

Title - Dark Side of the Moon
Author - Catherine Vale 
Genre - Paranormal 
Published - September 5th 2016
Format - Kindle eBook
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Veronica Maxwell has never fit in. Not into the cliques in high school, not even in her own family. Her mother was only concerned about her daughter gaining weight, and her father wasn't much better. So, she turned to martial arts as a way of venting out that anger, and that's how she ended up in the ring, fighting her ass off, fired up and ready to compete.

Mikel Taso is used to fighting. He lives in a world of constant war; clans fighting clans and shifters fighting shifters. But when his clan is threatened by extinction, he knows he has no other choice but to abandon his planet for a thriving one: earth. And that's how he came face to face with our kick-ass heroine, and the one woman he believes is his one true mate.

When these two fighters' cross paths, it sets in motion a series of events that will not only test their will to survive against all odds, but to survive each other. And Veronica isn't going down without a fight.

Readers: This is a sexy were-bear paranormal shifter romance, featuring a curvy BBW heroine, alien sci-fi action and one dominant alpha who knows how to make a woman scream his name. Snag your copy and talk a walk on the wild side of love!

Veronica works as a bike messenger which keeps her body toned. She's spent her whole life training some form of fighting. Currently, she is working with a trainer getting better at boxing. While on a routine delivery things go wrong, finding she's been kidnapped along with the models who were standing in the lobby with her. They are on a strange vehicle but they don't have any ideas where they are going. When a tall stranger show's up it's not the models he's after but the curvy Veronica he has his eyes on. 

Veronica learns that he has big plans for her but they don't include living on Earth. Taso has kidnapped Veronica with the intention of turning her into his warrior mate. Veronica isn't thrilled with the plan but the more time she spends with Taos the harder it is to refuse him. When they crash on a hostile planet they have to work together to survive the dangers. By the time they arrive at his home planet she's accepted her fate. As the wars rage on among the clans will Veronica survive or will war be too much for her? 

I like Veronica she's a curvy girl who may have been kidnapped and taken by a bearshifter but she accepts her new life well. I wasn't sure about Taso at first because he kidnapped Veronica but he has honest intentions, and he grew on me as the book progressed. The duo has great chemistry they just work well together even if one of them is a massive bear some of the time.

I'm a huge shapeshifter fan, when I saw the cover I knew Dark Side of The Moon was a book that I needed to read. I like the concept of shapeshifters from another planet taking human women to replenish the lacking of women on their own planet. I like the characters a lot I felt I was really able to connect with Veronica and even have a little desire to take a boxing class. The author has done a great job creating a captivating story that capture the heart as well as the imagination. I enjoyed the authors writing style her story just flows smoothly from start to finish. I look forward to checking out other books by the author as I enjoyed this one so much. Who doesn't love a fast paced action packed sci-fi paranormal romance? 

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