Thursday, April 27, 2017

Book Review: Lost in La La Land

Title - Lost in La La Land 
Author - Tara Brown 
Genre - Fantasy 
Published - April 18th 2017
Format - Kindle
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What if you could enter the world created inside of your favorite novel? 
Close your eyes and live for a day as Elizabeth Bennet or Harry Potter? 
Experience every magical sentence ever written, first hand? 
Escape the ordinary and live the extraordinary! 

That’s the sales pitch for Dr. Emma Hartley’s dream machine, Lucid Fantasies. 
The fantastical machine transports people into their favorite novels or movies, for a day. 
It allows them to live as their beloved characters did, savoring the slow kisses, frightening vampires, or magic as if it were real. 
Letting them forget their worries and get lost in a world of fiction. 

But that wasn’t why it was created. 
The dark purpose of it lies within Dr. Hartley herself. 
A secret, a flaw in the machine. One that she keeps hidden away. 
For some people, your greatest fantasies are also your worst nightmares. 
And the line between them is finer than we think. 

This is a standalone, full length novel

Emma has created the ultimate fantasy machine, that allows you to go into your favorite books or movies as a character in a sort of dream state. After losing her husband Emma fell into her work creating her own company Lucid Fantasies where she screens every client to make sure that the machine doesn't become addicting for them. When one of her clients does become addicted to the machine she's forced to cut her off but little did she know that by cutting her off it would send her over the edge.

Now that she knows the truth about Lana's time in the machine is causes her to question how she changed the story. Curious to see if she could change it as well she makes the decision to enter her own story. It becomes clear that because they both had a tragic loss that they can manipulate the story. Hiding from Lana's ex-husband the pair set up shop in an old run down house that Emma inherited. The more time they spend in the machine the less time they spend in the real life their bodies waste away. Will Emma be able to come out of La La Land or will she be doomed to end up like Lana? 

I like Emma she's a sweetheart who has a good heart even if she did let her feelings get in the way of Lana's condition. She's got baggage, she's not perfect, but she's just your everyday kind of girl who just wants to do the best that she can. Losing the man she loved was hard but she learns to move on even if it did mean she had to hit rock bottom. I like Mike for Emma he really works well and complements her in so many ways. They have this sweet romance. 

I know I had to read Lost in La La Land as soon as I read the synopsis. I love the concept that the author has created a machine that allows you to go into your favorite stories. The story is fast paced self-discovery mixed with sweet romance that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I really enjoyed the characters, they are easy to connect with you can't help falling for Emma. The story is beautifully written, I found myself getting lost in the words and it's hard to put down. This is my first book by the author but I've had her on my list to try for a while now and I'm so glad that I did. I'm looking forward to checking out her other books. 

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