Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Book Review: Breaking the Storm

Title - Breaking The Storm
Author - Sedona Venez 
Genre - Paranormal 
Published - August 6th 2013
Format - Kindle Review copy
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A fae witch, a rock star, and a passionate paranormal affair…

Stormy is cursed. If the fae witch ever finds true love, the man is sure to die a terrible death. Five years ago, she left her sexy rock star of a boyfriend Knox to save his life.

When her escort service for paranormals puts her face to face with Knox again, her passion grows like never before. Can she possibly keep it together when Knox insists that she be his escort? Will her curse make it all fall apart?

Breaking the Storm is the first book in the Credence Curse Saga, a series of adventure-packed shifter romance tales. If you like dark magic, powerful women, steamy love scenes, heart-pounding romance, and piles of sexy shifter secrets, then you'll love the latest romp from author Sedona Venez.

I received Breaking the Storm for review via NetGalley. 
Stormy comes from a long line of witches that are cursed. Upon falling in love with a human the one they love always ends up dead. So after centuries, the women the women in her family have avoided falling in love which is what she intended. That is till she met Knox but unwilling to let anything happen to him she ends it before it is too late. Spending the next 5 years locking her heart.

However, when Knox comes back into her life she has to play the game by his rules if she wants to save her family business. Just seeing him makes her feel things she didn't expect to and doesn't think she can last as his escort till he leaves. However, she's not willing to give up her family business and has to do or lose it all. Though staying with Knox may just change it all forever and what about the looming curse? 

I love Stormy she's a sweetheart who has issues but has always done what she thought was best. She may not be able to fall in love for fear of losing the one she loves but she's dealt with the hand she was given. I wasn't sure about Knox to be honest at first as I felt he had revenge firmly in his grasp but he quickly redeemed himself. I loved Lightning that we are given a little chance to get to know as her cousin and business partner. 

I've had this one on my kindle way too long, and I regret not getting to it sooner. Breaking the Storm is a paranormal romance set in an exciting new world filled with exciting new characters. The concept for the Credence women is interesting as fae witches who happen to be cursed unable to find love. I love the cover for Breaking the Storm it's what first captured my attention and after reading the synopsis I knew I had to dive right in. The characters are easy to connect with you can't help falling for Stormy and Knox they just belong together even if they can't see it. I enjoyed the story, the author has written a beautiful story that captured my heart. I can't wait to read more of the Credence girls. 

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