Monday, April 24, 2017

Musing Mondays & Manga Monday

Musing Mondays 
Created & Hosted by The Purple Booker 
Musing Mondays asks you to muse about one of the following each week…
I’m currently reading…
Up next I think I’ll read…
I bought the following book(s) in the past week…
I’m super excited to tell you about (book/author/bookish-news)…
I’m really upset by (book/author/bookish-news)…
I can’t wait to get a copy of…
I wish I could read ___, but…

I blogged about ____ this past week…

This week's question: 

When someone in your life passes do you pick up a book hey liked or one that reminds you of them to read?

My Answer:

This week's question is a sad one. I do have a long list of books that remind me of special people who have passed away. My mom used to encourage my reading and I still have a long list of books she loved that I need to read. I should really get on that. My grandmothers both encouraged my love of dime novels (Harlequin romance). 

Manga Monday
Created by Alison Can Read
I don't see it as a current weekly on her blog but she does have a great list of manga's that she's read or reading. Be sure to check her out. 

I'm starting a new one hoping that it will pull me out of my funk. 

Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo 
by Matsuri Akino
Add to (Goodreads

Count D has moved his petshop from New Yorks Chinatown to Japan, in this follow-up to the popular Pet Shop of Horrors series. The Count prides himself on selling love in the form of magical creatures. But buyers beware--if the contract is broken, the Count cannot be held responsible.

I'm always looking for suggestions too. 
Anyone else reading a Manga this week? 

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