Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bout of Books Update: Would you Rather

Bout of Books Update

I'm making a early head start my goal for today is to finish my current and finish another book today. 
I'm about half way through my current so many a couple more hours. Plus review the book. 

1 down and a good start on my next one. Real life got in the way yesterday hopefully I can read two today. 

Today's challenge is from Writing My Own Fairytale 

Would you rather:
Lend books to someone who dog-ears pages or to someone who reads with cheesy Cheetos fingers?
Neither I refuse to loan my books to people who won't take care of them like I do. If I had to choose give me a dog-ears pages over the cheesy nasty sticky fingers....eek

Would you rather:
Be able to meet one character of your choice or meet one author of your choice?
I would love to meet Colleen Hoover!!!! Omg dream come true. 

Would you rather:
Never be allowed in a book store again or never be allowed in a library again?
I can't use the library since my dogs seem to want to eat the books. So this is easy ban me from all the library's of the world. I can't risk having to buy another library book when my dog steals it out of my bag or shelf. 

Would you rather:
Have to choose one of your favorite characters to die in their book or have to pick one of your favorite couples to break up in their book?
I would rather they break up because who says they can't get back together or maybe it wasn't mean to be and they will find the better one true pair down the road. Death is so final. 

Would you rather:
Be required to read Twilight once a year for the rest of your life or The Scarlet Letter once a year for the rest of your life?
Twilight I will read it every year it's one of my guilty pleasures love it!


Trial by Moon by Lizzy Ford - Goodreads

Finished so far
Currently reading The Truth Spell by Anita Oh - Review
Leveled by Jay Crownover - Review

Off to do some reading I'll update later. 

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