Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Book Review: Leveled

Title - Leveled

Author - Jay Crownover
Series - Saints of Denver #.5
Genre - Romance M/M
Format - Kindle
Published - November 2nd 2015
Publisher - Avon Romance

We all need a hero...let the Saints of Denver begin

Orlando Frederick knows what it is to be leveled by pain. Instead of focusing on his own, he’s made it his mission to help others: sports stars, wounded war vets, survivors of all kinds. But when Dom, a rugged, damaged, sinfully attractive cop, makes his way into Lando’s physical therapy practice, he might be the biggest challenge yet. Lando loved one stubborn man before and barely survived the fallout. He’s not sure he can do it again. 

Dominic Voss is a protector. The police badge he wears is not only his job, it’s his identity, so when he’s sidelined because of an injury, the only thing he cares about is getting back on the force. He expects Lando to mend his body, he just doesn’t realize the trainer will also have him working toward a hell of a lot more. As attraction simmers and flares, Dom sees that Lando needs repair of his own...if only the man will let him close enough to mend what's broken. 

 An Avon Romance

Leveled is the story of two men finding what they needed each with something broken that together they can fix. Dom is a cop and when his injury has forced him to be in physical therapy he knows that if he can’t pass his test his life may be over. His only hope is that Orlando can help him heal the injury and return to work. Lando hasn’t stopped feeling guilty for Remy’s accident they had been having a fight and he left to help his brother. Lando doesn’t think he deserves a chance at love after the loss of his prior love, but that may just change when Dom comes in being his next client.

Neither guy can deny the attraction that they have for each other but acting on it is whole different game. When they guys take the chance turning it from a working relationship Lando decides he’s not ready to talk about Remy and just gives Dom that it ended badly. The more time they spend together they find themselves developing deeper feelings but when feelings get hurt, trust is questioned will the guys be able to figure it out and save the one important thing in their lives or will they just let it go.

I like Lando he’s got issues which I think anyone would have after what’s happened to him. However I think Dom is just the perfect guy to give Lando what he really needs and maybe he just hasn’t figured it out for himself. I also think the Lando complements Dom well to the point that it just works. The chemistry between these two is hot and sizzling and I’m happy that they found each other. While this is a relationship between to men don't let that turn you away it's so well done. 

Leveled is the novella that connects the Marked Men to The Saints of Denver which is the new series by Jay Crownover.  I received Built for review from the publisher but I had to read the prequel because I refuse to skip or read out of order. I admit that Leveled did take me out of my comfort zone when it comes to choosing books to read but it honestly works. I haven’t read the Marked Men yet but I feel that need to more than ever. The author does a great job creating a captivating novel with new and old characters (after glancing at the titles of the Marked Men I can see where the other characters come from.  I got the impression that this ties up loose ends for that series by giving all the characters a happy ever after at least I hope. I really enjoyed the writing style it’s well written and beautifully done it touched my heart and I’m still in aww at how much I enjoyed it. This is my first novel by the author and I look forward to reading Marked Men so I can enjoy all these characters stories. 


  1. I loved the Marked Men series so I am STOKED for this new series! Especially this novella! Ever since Rule I've been dying to read this story!

  2. I've read all of Jay's books except this one. You will like Marked Men. But you should read Built. Its an amazing book.

  3. And there you go again, I just need to read this book after your review *--*