Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review: Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventure and Cautionary Tales of Former Playboy Bunny

Title - Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventure and Cautionary Tales of  Former Playboy Bunny
Author - Holly Madison
Genre - Biography/Memoir
Published - June 23rd 2015
Publisher - Dey Street Books
Format - Kindle

A former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner describes how her years inside the Playboy Mansion went from a fairytale of A-list celebrity parties to an oppressive regime of strict rules, scheduled sex, and a total loss of identity, so much so that she even contemplated suicide.
Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny is my first non-friction since high school. I’m not sure how to review of biography so I’m just going to wing it.

Holly Madison gives a detailed yet starting account of her time at the playboy mansion shedding the illusion of that everyone has about the mansion. She shares her personal experiences revealing that life at the mansion was anything but glamour’s she was but one of seven blondes in Hef’s collection of girlfriends. Slowly outlasting till it was just down to three of them but even than things didn’t get better to the point where she had enough and ended it. She shares her life experiences that changed her life molding her into the woman she is today.  

I watched every season of the Girls Next Door but Holly was always my favorite she was just so interesting to watch. So when I saw she wrote a biography of her time in the mansion I had to give it a shot. Wow I figured it wasn’t all rainbows but never expected Hef to be so controlling, from keeping them on a short leash to even controlling their money, and when they can leave the mansion. It’s honestly disturbing what she went through just to survive but she did and came out a better person.
I liked Holly before the book and after I just adore her even more. She’s one of those people who’s had the tragic past and reinvented herself into who she wanted to be. It was interesting seeing the other characters that I was familiar with as well as many I wasn’t. I liked seeing a little bit of Bridgett and Kendra but clearly her time in the mansion didn’t help her either.

I’m honestly shocked at how well written Down the Rabbit Hole is. She did a beautiful job creating a captivating detailed recount of her experiences inside and outside the mansion. I honestly enjoyed reading the book way more than I expected this part of her life was very shocking because I always assumed everything was so fantasy land but it clearly wasn’t. I can’t imagine spending all that time in the mansion feeling like she did it’s heartbreaking. However she did realize that she deserves better and worked hard to reinvent herself which I think is awesome. Down the Rabbit Hole is a fast paced novel that I had a hard time putting down it’s just WOW! I can’t emphasis this enough it’s just so beautifully written that it flows from start to finish. High recommend checking out it’s a very interesting read.  My only regret was getting the ebook should have gotten the Hardcover and I may still have too. 

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