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Book Review: Claymore Volume 19

Title - Claymore Volume 19
Author - Norihiro Yagi
Series - Claymore #19
Genre - Horror Manga
Format - Kindle
Published - November 1st 2011
Publisher - Viz Media LLC

Priscilla relentlessly pursues Clare's destruction, while Deneve and Helen remain just as determined to protect her. But when the combined form of Luciela and Rafaela attacks, Clare and her cohorts are pulled into the twisting mass. Meanwhile, in Ribona, Miria heads east to destroy the Organization. She encounters Rubel and his secret weapons: mysterious warrior twins who may be Alicia and Beth's successors, as well as the Organization's number 10—a deadly fighter who can read Miria's mind.

Claymore is a manga about Yoma who pretend to be human in order to kill and eat the humans. The Claymore are the hybrid of the two stronger faster but still human with the ability to slay the Yoma which they do for a price. They travel from village to village slaying Yoma with nothing but the sword on their back using the Yoma abilities but slowly turning into a monster that they hunt. When the time comes a Claymore will send a black card to another claymore to be slain before the Yoma takes over and so they die as a human.

In the 19th installment Priscilla is still pursuing Clare even though she’s already proven to be a weak opponent. If not for Helena and Deneve Clare would have already been killed by Priscilla. While they try to get away she’s hot on their heels but she’s distracted by Dauf who’s avenging his mistress. Thanks to the attacks Priscilla has regained some of her memories remember Teresa and assuming that Clare is her in a new form. However the attached Awakens draw her attention giving the girls the chance to get away from her but something strange happens and next Clare is taken from them sucked into the swirling mass that is attempting to consume Priscilla. Will the girls make it out? What about Raki?   

I like Clare she’s a sword carrying slayer who isn’t afraid to die charging in risking her life. She's grown a lot in the last several volumes leading up to the battle in the north. After faking her death along with her fellow claymore's she's returned after seven years to battle the Organization. While she may not be the strongest she's determined and unwilling to give up. She's one of those underdog characters you can't help liking. We've seen a little of Raki having grown up into a man who fights yoma but now he's at the hands of the Organization and Priscilla is off to kill Clare

I’ve seen all of the episodes on Netflix a few years ago actually binge watched them over a long weekend. While it’s been a while I don’t think the anime has gone this far in the series. I don’t remember the girls taking on the organization which is where the story has turned. It’s interesting learning that the organization which has been creating claymores for a long time may not be the good guys after all. I love the concept for the Claymore the hybrids created using parts from the monsters that they have been created to fight against the Yoma that they created. The art is great it gives me just enough to create the story in my head as I read each detailed page. This is only my 2nd manga so I don’t have a lot to base on but I’m super addicted to them. They are perfect for when I have some downtime or when I feel like reading back to back. I already know that the ending is close as I’m about halfway done. I’m anxious to see how it’s all going to play out. 

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