Sunday, January 17, 2016

Book Review: Solidify

Title - Solidify
Author - Alexia Purdy
Series - Woodland Creek
Genre - NA Shifter Romance
Published - November 15th 2015
Publisher - Lyrical Lit. Publishing
Format - kindle review copy

Being a hero is overrated. 

Malachi Arend is a brazen loner who wants nothing more than to get the hell out of the small town of Woodland Creek. As he’s leaving, he stumbles across a nurse named Phoebe Reynolds, a newly minted Caladrius shifter who takes the shape of a snow-white bird. She ignites something unexpected inside him, thwarting his attempt to leave. 

When a vengeful spirit begins attacking the townspeople, Malachi and Phoebe are drawn into the fray. Phoebe’s transformation could be tied to the attacks, but whoever is responsible might also be seeking to finish what they started, and all of Woodland Creek may pay the price. 

I received Solidify in return for an honest review from the author.  Malachi has nothing left for him in Woodland Creek and is ready to leave for good to start over somewhere new but on his way out of town he meets Phoebe alone on the road with white feathers. Phoebe has no idea that she is a shifter but Malachi explains that she’s a bird shifter and maybe she was cursed because she should have known by now.

Malachi hasn’t fit in he’s always been the black sheep of the shifter community but when Phoebe forces him to stick around because he can’t deny the attraction to her. They figure out that Phoebe is being hunted by a mythical medusa shifter and that the only way that Phoebe will be able to survive is to give up her life for another.  Will they be able to figure out who is hunting Phoebe? Will they be able to save Phoebe before the only option to break the curse is to die?

I like Malachi he’s been the outcast of the community but now that Phoebe has dropped into his lap things are about the change for both of them. I like Phoebe she handles finding out that she is a bird shifter better than I would have expected after all she did have a panic shift in her closet. While I’m not a huge fan of insta love this really worked for these two taking two broken soul’s and bringing them together it’s sweet.

I haven’t heard of Woodland Creek before but after reading Solidify I can’t imagine how I waited so long to check it out. A fast paced loaded with action, romance, with shifters and enough mystery to create a complex story. I really liked the characters I was able to connect with both and found that their unique animals that the shifted into was refreshing. I mean how many shifter books have you read where one is a bird and the other a wolverine super unique and very captivating. I really enjoyed reading Solidify it’s a perfect quick read for shifter fans who want a happy ever after. The author has a beautiful writing style the story just flows capturing my attention so I couldn’t put it down till the last page. My only complaint is I want more and I hope to see more from the author of this cool little town. Looking forward to checking out other books in the Woodland Creek series as well as more books by the author. 

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